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Best GPS Watch for Kids

The new wearable GPS technology helps us keep our children and grandchildren safe. But what is the best GPS watch for kids on the market?

We have extensively researched many brands and have the reviews below in the article.

But, If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

It is an excellent product to buy and you can choose from many different colors.

We live in a world where a child goes missing, gets lost in a public crowded place or is abducted in the US every 40 seconds.

This scary statistic is something we can no longer ignore. Every day parents are more inclined to use a kids locator smart GPS tracker or a child tracker app to have peace of mind when it comes to know where their kids are.

These small tracking devices for kids are designed to make you aware of your child’s location at all times!

However there are hundreds of child GPS and tracking bracelets in the market. And all of kids watches have different features and functions to play with.

So how to pick the best GPS tracker watch for kids?

Now, we have our own picks (full review below), but we think what our readers say is MUCH more valuable to you.

Our readers have spoken and this is their #1 choice for best smartwatch for kids with GPS  – and it’s a good one!

On this page, you can read THEIR reviews, compare prices AND see which of the Top 10 are on sale TODAY.

Ok, let’s jump in and review the best GPS tracking systems for children.



✅ Best GPS Watch For Kids


To help you keep your child safe we have research the most popular child GPS tracker watch models. Taking advantage of the new technology and wearable gadgets will help you to ensure your children’s protection while they grow more independently too.

Meraki Mother aims to help you make an informed decision about the best kids tracker watch.

There are many different models for every budget – here we break down the pros and cons of the most popular children tracker watches.

If you are short on time and ONLY want to get to the very best children tracker watches straight away – check it out here!


TickTalk Kids Wearable tracker & GPS locator

This is a kids SOS watch and has one of the highest rates for best kids GPS watch.

It is a great toddler GPS tracking bracelet because your child or grandchild just needs to learn to hold the SOS button and it will automatically call the preset number.

You can have two-way face to face phone call with 13 preset numbers slots and the TickTalk.

It is one of the best child locator watch because of the 4G reception. it can be used with a SpeedTalk SIM Card.

Not only you can check the current location of the child but with the cool “Route History” you can see the history where the kids have been in a given time frame.

Check current prices here: 


[box type=”download”] Pros:

  • Spot on GPS location
  • Face to face calls
  • You can send texts to the watch
  • Get alerts if your child takes the watch off
  • Tmobile kids GPS watch
  • Waterproof


[box type=”warning”] Cons:

  • No Geo boundaries options



LG GizmoPal gps for kids


The wireless gizmo watch for kids is a great alternative for young kids who need to be able to contact parents or grandparents without the need for a mobile phone.

It is a simple kids GPS online tracking watch with a 2-way calling feature that only allows for 2 phone numbers to be set-up. You know your child will not be interacting with other phone numbers from this device.

Definitely designed with the child in mind it offers a fun voice alert feature where a fun sound will play when the watch button is pressed.

Check current prices here: 


[box type=”download”] Pros:

      • Receive alerts of child’s location at pre-set times.
      • Two-way calling feature
      • Reliable battery


[box type=”warning”] Cons:

      • Device only works with Verizon network





Abardeen waterproof kids GPS watch


The perfect water resistant GPS smart kid tracker for the active child.

This watch allows for up to 60 contacts to be added to the device but support call blocks from the app. It uses a 5 positioning technology that allows parents to know their kids’ whereabouts in real-time.

The remote monitoring feature allows automatic preset calls back to parents enabling them to check what is happening around the kids while they are not aware of the calling.

Check current prices here: 


[box type=”download”] Pros:

  • Water resistant.
  • accurate GPS location
  • Voice message and call options
  • Two-way calling options
  • Electronic fence or safe zone can be set up on the app
  • Works with any networks that supports 2G.


[box type=”warning”] Cons:

  • Bigger than others models.
  • Some users have reported that the weather and music features don’t work as intended.



GBD Waterproof kids safety GPS tracker smartwatch


This smart watch for kids is one of the cheapest models on the market, made of environmentally friendly material with lower radiation. It operates with a micro-SIM card, which is not provided with the product.

Like most models it achieves all day real-time location tracking with the app, two-way calls, SOS emergency call and security fence.

However, this kids smart watch is also a fitness tracker and pedometer! A multi-functional gadget that older kids will likely love to play with but perhaps too many options for younger kids to deal with when your main goal is safety.

Check current price here: 


[box type=”download”] Pros:

  • Geo fencing
  • Waterproof
  • 2-way calls
  • 3 mode positioning (GPS+AGPS+LBS)
  • Fitness tracker and pedometer options


[box type=”warning”] Cons:

  • Difficult to set up
  • Too many features can be complicated for a child to use
  • Doesn’t work at all without the micro-USB card



My BuddyTag GPS tracker for kids


This child tracking device is not a watch but a basic wristband for the child to wear.

Buddy Tag has fewer features and options than the other models we have described but that may be an advantage for younger kids.

As a GPS tracking device for kids it will alert you when your child is out of your proximity, which are adjustable in settings through the app.

It also alerts you when submerged in water making it a good tracking bracelet for toddlers option. The silicone wristband is adjustable from 5,5-inch to 8-inch.

Check current price: 


[box type=”download”] Pros:

  • Alerts you when it is submerged in water
  • Alerts you when the child is away from your proximity
  • No SIM card or subscription needed


[box type=”warning”] Cons:

  • Not a smartwatch with many features
  • App must be constantly on and drains your phone battery.
  • You can only connect to one phone



POMO Waffle GPS kid tracker smart wristwatch


POMO Waffle is much more than a smartwatch for kids. It is a child tracker watch with a vast range of useful features that will pretty much tick off any safety need you may have.

The watch also comes with a pre-installed SIM card which you just need to activate with any 3G provider of your preference. The design is so cool that it could easily serve as a GPS tracking watch for adults if you pick a neutral color.

Likely the other popular models the POMO Waffle has plenty of practical GPS and safety functions such as child’s location monitoring, safe zone, SOS button and phone and voice message options.

But it goes well beyond that!

The ” Take Me Home” feature allows parents to save locations in the map and kids can follow real-time step-by-step directions to get back! Other interesting features include the “Translate Function”, fitness tracker and pedometer.

Check current price here: 


[box type=”download”] Pros:

  • Modern quality design
  • Free SIM card – use with any 3G operator plan of your choice
  • Several useful and features
  • Water resistant


[box type=”warning”] Cons:

  • No proximity/distant alerts
  • Text options are not available from the device
  • No listening to surroundings feature from app



Child GPS watch Phone


Kidaily Kids Smartwatch is a simple watch for kids from 3 to 14 years old.

This wearable mobile phone and child locator is designed for the convenience of any kid. This is a piece of technology makes it significantly easier for parents and grandparents to stay in touch with the kids.

One of its greatest advantages is the simplified design of Kidaily Smart Watch, which appeals to kids of any age. This GPS kid tracker wristwatch operates simply through the side buttons and touch screen.

Definitely one of the easiest to use design around the one press SOS emergency call.

You can set phone numbers through the app and communicate via voice message and calls.

This GPS bracelet does not have text options which could be a turn off for some customers. However, for younger kids who cannot text it is a perfect solution.

Further, it is not one of the best kids GPS smart watch around but it is also full of fun features such as built-in learning games, voice chat, night flashlight, activity tracking, theme, photo album and camera.

Check current prices here: 

[box type=”download”] Pros:

  • Simple design
  • Works with any mobile network through a Ting card.
  • Accurate GPS location
  • Water resistant


[box type=”warning”] Cons:

  • Does not include Sim Card
  • May not work with every SIM card, best used with Speedtalk mobile
  • Will not work outside of North America



HereO location tracker watch


The HereO comes with abuilt-inn kids smart GPS watch SIM card, meaning that you don’ t need to get a SIM card from another provider.

It works on a subscription plan which at the moment which costs less than that of a mobile phone plan – and you get the first 6 months for free!

This kids tracker watch operates on a fully functional GPS/Wi-Fi/GS system with no roaming charges.

Here kids GPS online tracking watch provides peace of mind and a great back up for families on vacation because it works on more than 120 countries.

Check current prices here: 


[box type=”download”] Pros:

  • Works in more than 120 countries
  • Built in SIM card
  • Free 6 month subscription
  • Provides geo-fence options


[box type=”warning”] Cons:

  • GPS not as accurate as other models
  • Not waterproof




List of the best GPS watches for kids


So what are your thoughts on wearable kids gps tracker watch technology?

We think it is something more and more people will make use of in the future along with other smart watches for kids.


Check out more posts to help with your parenting questions today over on our parenting page


Check out our list with the best GPS watch for kids on the market.


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