pom pom slime

Easy Slime Recipe With PomPoms

Looking for an easy slime recipe to get the kids entertained and involved in sensory play this summer? Follow our easy steps below for a cool…

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Healthy and Easy Rainbow Overnight Oats Meraki Mother

Healthy and Easy Rainbow Overnight Oats

We don’t know many moms that love the stress of the crazy morning routine. Trying to get kids ready for school, give everyone a healthy breakfast and leave the house sane is a challenge. Breakfast is such an important meal. Children need a healthy breakfast to give them enough energy for their busy day ahead…

Sensory play activities

Importance and Benefits of Sensory Play in Early Childhood

Benefits of Sensory Play for Kids As a parent, you might have about how important sensory activities for infants are and the benefits of sensory play in children’s development. But did you know what Sensory Play is? Or what sensory play and brain development have to do with each other? We have put together this…

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