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Brilliant Ideas For Baby Shower Games That Are Fun And Easy!

Baby showers can be so much fun.

One of the best ways to make a baby shower a success is by choosing the best baby shower games.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to hunt down games to play at a baby shower and put them together or know where to buy baby shower games.

Thankfully, Amazon has a plethora of easy baby shower games that are both decently priced and come with everything you need.

This means, they’re already setup and let you know how many people they provide for.

It makes planning a fun and successful baby shower super easy.

Here is a list of baby shower games that we chose from Amazon to help you plan the best baby shower!



Fun Baby Shower Games


We have done all the hard work for you and found some of the best baby shower games ideas! Just click each link to have them delivered to your doorstep!


Ideas For Baby Shower Games


Pictionary with Emojis



Emojis are super popular these days and most people, no matter the age, can tell what they are or mean.

Pictionary is a classic game where you guess a word or phrase based on a photo.

This baby shower game comes with cute cards listing a series of emojis. Each set of emojis stands for a certain word or phrase. Each person or team gets their own card to try and guess what eat set of emojis mean in a certain amount of time. Whoever guesses the most, wins!

This game comes in a neutral, rustic theme that’s perfect for any theme. There are 30 cards included.

Click to order these fun games for baby shower


It’s a Boy Bingo



Now, you can find this baby shower bingo game for girls as well if you simply search it on Amazon. If you don’t want to search, here’s the link to the girl version (you’re welcome)!

One of the best features about this baby shower bingo is that it’s reusable. Nobody writes on the cards so, you can either sell it for someone else to use, give it away, or put it back and use it for future baby showers you may have.

This game is best to play when the presents are being opened. It’s nice to get a little bit of attention off the parents while they’re opening presents, so they don’t have to always say something after every gift.

As presents are opened, people place a chip on the space of the baby item spotted. When they get a full row, it’s baby bingo!

Having baby shower game prizes for winners would also be a great idea. This set comes with everything you need, except the gift, and includes 24 cards.

Get these baby shower cards here.


Baby Word Scramble



Of course, every baby shower game has to be about babies in some way.

I’m sure most of us are familiar with word scrambles where a word is listed but, it’s all scrambled up. You then have to take the scrambled letters and figure out the word they’re meant to be.

These baby shower word games has the same concept but, all the words are baby related.

These cards are an adorable design and a great price. Comes with 24 cards and can be played with single players or teams.

Looking for coed baby shower games? This is perfect! Just click to order here.


Guess Who: Mommy or Daddy?



This baby shower game is super fun and great if you are looking for unique baby shower games.

These cards are a neutral theme and come as rustic looking cards in a set of 50.

This game involves a list of facts such as, “Who was a bigger baby at birth?” Those participating in the game then answer whether they think it was the mom or dad that was bigger at birth.

Participants will answer whether the question is referring to the mother or the father of the baby to be.

Those who answered the most right, win!

Get this baby shower guessing game here.


What’s in Your Purse?



This game title speaks for itself.

These cards come in a gorgeous neutral theme of gold, white, and black.

Of course, the game is more geared towards women but, men can be involved by helping their significant other go through their purse searching for the items listed. However, it’s pretty common for mainly women to show up at baby showers so, this often isn’t a problem.

This set of 25 cards lists items that might be found in a purse. Each item is worth a certain set of points. The person with the most points at the end, wins!

Click to get one of these fun baby shower games


What’s on Your Phone?



It’s rare to find someone that doesn’t own a cell phone. Many of us live on our phones and have a lot of important stuff on them.

This game is similar to the purse game where certain items are listed that might be found on a person’s phone.

Each item is worth a different amount of points.

The person with the most points at the end, wins!

This game comes with 50 different sheets which will help cover a pretty big baby shower.

Find these unique baby shower games ideas online here.


Who Knows Daddy Best?



Often times, a baby shower can get caught up on the mother (which is understandable) however, it’s nice to include the father some with baby shower games for men.

This fun baby shower idea can either come in a boy or girl baby shower theme.

This game comes with 20 professionally printed cards. The cards come with fill-in areas that allow people to guess facts about the father such as the city he was born in.

At the bottom of the card, it asks questions such as, would he choose cats or dogs.

This is a great way for other guys who came to the baby shower to get involved.

Here’s the mommy version of this game if you would like it!

Click to get these game ideas for baby shower here.


Fun Baby Facts



This game comes in a set of 50 cards.

Each card has baby facts on it.

It’s a multiple-choice game. It states facts such as a baby is born without….then participants have to circle which answer they think is correct.

Whoever guesses the most facts right, wins!

Click to order this baby shower guessing game here.


Don’t Say Baby



This baby shower pin game is super fun.

Each person gets a clothespin to hang on their clothes or hold on to.

If caught saying baby, they have to give up their clothespin.

The person that caught them gets the clothespin. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the baby shower is the winner.

Find baby shower fun games here.


Is it the Right Price?



This game comes with pretty little cards with a list of baby items.

Participants will need to go through and guess the price for each item listed.

They then add up the cost of all the items listed and the person with the closest grand total wins.

Find a great price on games for baby shower by clicking here.


There are so many baby shower games and activities on Amazon but, these were some of our favorites that you and your guests are sure to enjoy.

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