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The Best Double Strollers for Toddler and Infant

Read our full guide for the Best Double Strollers for Toddler and Infant on the market!

Are you looking for a stroller for a toddler and infant?

Are you are expecting your second child or already have a newborn baby and a toddler and overwhelmed trying to work out what are the best double strollers for toddler and infant currently on the market?

If you answered yes, then you are in right place, because in this guide I am going to provide you with all the information you need to choose the best compact double stroller that is perfect for you.

But, If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

It’s an excellent product and parents just love it.

But if you need more info, just keep reading because I have here everything you need to know about the top brands and best rated products.

what is the best double stroller for baby and toddler on the market

What’s the best double stroller for infant and toddler on the market?

Now, we have our own picks (full review below), but we think what our readers say is MUCH more valuable to you.

Our readers have spoken and this is their #1 choice for best double stroller for kids – and it’s a good one!

On this page here, you can read THEIR reviews, compare prices AND see which of the Top 10 are on sale TODAY.

Ok, let’s jump in and review what double stroller is best for toddler and infant.


The Best Double Strollers for Toddler and Infant

In the best double stroller for infant and toddler guide I will firstly help you work out if you in fact really do need a double stroller, then help you understand the pros and cons of the various types of double strollers.

There are tandem strollers, side by side strollers, all purpose strollers, all terrain strollers, convertible strollers, jogging strollers and the list goes on!

I also will take you through the features of the some of the best rated double strollers currently on the market as well as provide a simple comparison chart, so you can see the double strollers and their various features side by side.

Even if you have already gone through the process of purchasing a single stroller for your first child, purchasing a double stroller is a whole new ball game with a whole new set of factors to consider.

What’s the best double stroller to buy really is a matter of personal preference and right now you probably have no idea where to even start, but I have no doubt by the end of this best double stroller infant and toddler guide you will be so much closer to purchasing the best.

Do I Need a Double Stroller?

If you haven’t already, ask yourself: “do I need a double stroller?”, particularly if you already have a single stroller.

Double strollers can be somewhat pricey particularly for a good quality one so before purchasing one consider if you really need a double stroller.

When your youngest child is tiny, perhaps you can still use the single stroller for the older child and carry the baby in a sling?

Or maybe the older child will walk sometimes, and you can place the baby in the stroller (provided it is suitable for a baby that is).

If you have a newborn and a toddler under 2-3 and are regularly out and about, chances are you probably really do need a double stroller and so it is worth while making the investment.

Our Pick for the Best Toddler and Infant Double Stroller Overall: Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT

If you know you are after the best toddler and infant double stroller but don’t have time to read my entire review, my pick for the best double for infant and toddler overall is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT.

I love this double stroller because it is suitable for babies from newborn all the way up to children weighing 50lbs. It can also be used as a travel system with a compatible car seat.

Here are some great tips for traveling with strollers and car seats.

Probably one of my favorite things is the one handed quick fold, this is by far one of the easiest strollers to fold up!

This pram is jammed packed with awesome features, keep reading below for details and see why I rate this as the best infant and toddler double stroller.

Best Double Stroller Infant and Toddler Comparison Chart

Find here our comparison table with the top 10 best double strollers.

NameImageTypeAge Range per seatItem Weight (lbs)Our RatingFor Price, more Pictures and Reviews
Joovy Scooter X 2 Double StrollerSide by Side / All Purpose5 lbs to 45 lbs324.6
Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GTSide by Side / All TerrainBirth to 50 lbs32.64.4
Phil and Teds Voyager StrollerTandem / All TerrainBirth to 44 lbs40.95
Contours Options Elite TandemTandem / All PurposeBirth to 44 lbs344.2
Guzzie+Guss Twice Double Umbrella StrollerSide by Side / UmbrellaBirth to 44 lbs283.9
Baby Jogger 2017 City SelectTandem / ConvertibleBirth to 44 lbs364.4
BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging StrollerSide by Side / JoggingBirth (with compatible car seat) to 50 lbs33.14.6
JOOVY Caboose Too Graphite StrollerTandem / All Purpose5 lbs to 45 lbs27.54.1
Britax 2017 B-Agile Double StrollerSide by Side / All PurposeBirth to 50 lbs264.1
Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double StrollerTandem / Sit and StandBirth (with compatible car seat) to 40 lbs32.54.3

Best Double Strollers for Toddler and Infant Reviews

1. Best Side by Side Double Stroller All Purpose: Joovy Scooter X 2 Double Stroller

If you are after the best side by side double stroller for toddler and infant as well as one of the best affordable double stroller options, then consider the Joovy Scooter X 2.

This is a narrow side by side double stroller and at 30 inches wide it will fit through most standard doors.

Neither the lightest or heaviest in these reviews, at 32 lbs and with the one hand fold, parents will love how easy this double stroller is to maneuver and use.

For your babies comfort each seat and foot rest can be adjusted individually which is ideal when you have both an infant and toddler.

Some other great features of this best double stroller side by side include huge storage basket, large canopy, parent console with storage and two cup holders, large 7 inch front wheels and 9.5 inch back wheels, a removable bumper bar and additional accessories such as tray tables and cup holders can be added.

This stroller is recommended for children from 5 lbs up to 45 lbs, so you will get plenty of use out of this stroller as your little ones grow.

This stroller comes in 4 different vibrant colors, looks fantastic and is a great choice for the best double side by side stroller.

Get the update price for this stroller here! 

2. Best Double Stroller Side by Side All Terrain: Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT

The City Mini double stroller is one of the most popular double prams for sale among parents, particularly for parents after one of the best double all terrain stroller options available. Just don’t be confused by the name, this stroller is not suitable for jogging.

The double City stroller is suitable for babies from birth right up to 50 lbs (the combined seat maximum is 100 lbs).

With the use of the optional adapters the double stroller City can also be used as a travel system as it is compatible with a car seat, although only 1 at a time, which is not really a concern if you are looking for the best double stroller for toddler and infant.

There are also a range of other optional accessories you can purchase to make life easier such as parent consoles and boards for older children to stand.

Parents absolutely love the one handed quick fold of the City double stroller, which makes folding up this stroller a breeze!

Other features include large all terrain wheels, adjustable handlebar, hand operated parking brake, removable machine washable seat cover, large adjustable sun canopy with peek a boo window, adjustable handlebar and large under stroller storage basket.

Features such as the canopy and recline can be adjusted independently per seat which is essential for the best double stroller for baby and toddler.

Loaded with great features, the City Mini double is an ideal choice for parents after one of the best double stroller for rough terrain options.

Click here for the updated price of this stroller! 

3. Best Double Tandem Stroller All Purpose: Phil and Teds Voyager Stroller

Phil and Teds strollers have a fantastic reputation, but which Phil and Ted double stroller is best?

Though a little on the expensive side, the Phil and Ted Voyager tandem double stroller is jammed packed full of features making it the best Phil and Teds double stroller available.

Suitable for newborns in the lie flat bassinet mode, this double stroller accommodates children up to around 5 years of age.

The bassinet is easily removed from the buggy, so you can carry baby whilst visiting family or friends. Once baby grows, the modular seat can be converted to an upright seat.

The double kit accommodates two newborns or for children of differing ages.

Whilst many double strollers compromise on seat size, the Voyager has one of the largest and spacious seats available for a double stroller, which helps make it our pick for the best inline double stroller for all purposes.

The other advantage of this best double stroller tandem is that there is no need to remove any seats to fold, simply click and flip.

Like all the best double inline stroller options with the use of the car seat adapter, it can also be used as a travel system and even better is that it is compatible with a range of leading car seat brands.

Other features include adjustable height handlebar, large under stroller storage basket, reversible seat positions, large sun canopy, boot cover, one touch release 5 point harness and hand brake.

This Phil and Ted double stroller looks great and comes in four different colors and is the ideal choice for families looking for the best tandem double stroller for infant and toddler.

Click here to check the updated price! 

4. Best Tandem Double Stroller All Terrain: Contours Options Elite Tandem

For parents looking for the best tandem double stroller for all terrains, the Contour double stroller is a great choice.

The Contours double stroller offers great value for money. With 7 different seating options there is sure to be a seating configuration to suit your newborn and toddler up to 40 lbs.

With the use of the universal car adaptor this stroller can also accommodate two car seats from a range of different brands.

For a great ride on any surface, this stroller has both front and rear wheel suspension, rubber coated wheels and brake pedals.

Other features include stadium style seating with recline, in seat pockets, adjustable footrests, padded 5 point harness, cup holder, large under stroller storage basket and large canopies with viewing window.

With the lightweight aluminum frame this double stroller is surprisingly light and available in some gorgeous color options making it earn its spot on as one of the best double strollers for toddler and newborn.

Check the Contour stroller price here! 

5. Best Double Umbrella Stroller: Guzzie+Guss Twice Double Umbrella Stroller

If you’re looking for the best double stroller umbrella style, that’s lightweight and compact, the Guzzie+Guss is a great choice.

Weighing in at only 28 lbs it is super light, in fact the second lightest in these reviews. When folded up it is nice and compact making it a perfect travel stroller.

Features such as the individually adjustable leg rest, 4 position seat recline and canopy is perfect for children of different ages as you can adjust the stroller to suit your children’s individual needs.

The sun canopy is a great size and will keep your children well protected from the wind, sun and rain.

Other great features of this best umbrella double stroller include the large under stroller storage basket, storage pockets on the back of the seat and enclosed footrest.

Suitable for children from the age of 3 months to around 5 years, this is a great lightweight compact stroller perfect for families looking for one of the best double umbrella strollers.

Get the updated price for Guzzie+Guss stroller here! 

6. Best Convertible Double Stroller: Baby Jogger 2017 City Select

If you like the sound of the Baby Jogger City GT double stroller above but you are looking for the best convertible double stroller, then perhaps the City Select is for you.

Like the City Mini this Baby Jogger is not for jogging despite its name, but its 4 large all terrain wheels make it one of the best double walking stroller options on a range of surfaces.

Other features the City Select double stroller shares with the City Mini include an adjustable handlebar, large sun canopy, under stroller storage, multiple position recline, hand brake and the ability to be a travel system with the use of the optional adapters.

It also has the quick and easy folding system and the ability to add a parent console, tray and cup holders.

This City Jogger double stroller is suitable for babies from the age of 6 months to around 20 kgs.

For babies under 6 months you can use the adaptors for a capsule or bassinet and when the time is right you can easily add the included second seat to accommodate two children. With a glider board it can even accommodate a third older child.

With the ability to convert to a double stroller, this Baby Jogger City double stroller is a great choice for families looking for the best single to double stroller.

Click here to see the updated price! 

7. Best Double Stroller for Jogging: BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller

For the active mum and dad looking for the best double jogging stroller for infant and toddler, the BOB Revolution double stroller is a great choice.

The BOB Duallie double stroller is a side by side stroller which is suitable for babies from around 8 weeks old up until 50 lbs.  With the use of the car seat adapter and a compatible car seat the BOB double jogger stroller can also be used as a travel system and accommodate newborn babies.

The double BOB stroller has front swivelling wheels which makes for easy maneuverability whilst the ability to lock the front wheels in forward position makes for increased stability whilst jogging or going over rough terrain.

This best BOB double stroller also includes a superior adjustable suspension system to provide your little one with a smooth ride.

Other features of the best BOB double jogging stroller include hand brake, height adjustable handlebar, easy two step fold, multi position sun canopy with large viewing window, internal seat pockets and large under stroller basket.  You can also attach the optional snack tray.

With this BOB stroller, not only will you have one of the best double jogging strollers on the market, but you will have a super practical pram too.

Click here to check the price on Amazon: 

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8. Best Budget Double Stroller: JOOVY Caboose Too Graphite Tandem Stroller

The JOOVY caboose double stroller is the option if you are looking for the best value double stroller which still has all the basic features you need.

This tandem stroller can accommodate two children from newborn to around 90 lbs.

It includes a universal car seat adapter that will fit most major brands. You can only place one infant car seat in the front seat, therefore it is not an option for twins as the children must be around 2,5 years apart.

The rear sit is fully removable though therefore it offers multi-position recline options making this convertible stroller one of the best strollers that convert from single to double.

It is very lightweight, weighing just over 29 lbs with the rear seat attached, and easily folds flat in a compact style.

With the Caboose Too Graphite you can purchase other accessories as optional extras such as the parents console with storage, rain covers and cup holders or another rear seat.

Other features include large canopy providing coverage for both children, linked parking brakes and all-wheel suspension to provide the kids with a smooth ride. That is why we think it is the best inexpensive double stroller.

No need to pay top dollar for a double stroller with all the features, as you can see the Caboose has the essential you need making it an easy choice for the best cheap double stroller.

Find the current price for this stroller here: 

9. Best Double Lightweight Stroller: Britax 2017 B-Agile Double Stroller

If your looking for the best lightweight double stroller for infant and toddler, then check out the Britax B-Agile, the lightest double stroller in these reviews.

At only 26 lbs, the Britax double stroller B Agile is super lightweight thanks to its aluminum frame. It also has a quick one hand fold design, so it is easy to store away in the car in seconds.

The independent seat recline is perfect for children of different ages, so one can sleep whilst the other can watch the world go by.

Other features include large sun canopy, adjustable handlebar, large under the stroller storage basket and it is also narrow enough to fit through standard sized doorways.

This best double lightweight stroller is suitable from birth to around 50 pounds (per seat) and from reading various Britax double stroller reviews, it’s clear that it’s a favorite for parents looking for the best light double stroller.

More pictures and price of this stroller here: 

10. Best Sit and Stand Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller

If you want to give your toddler the option of sitting or standing whilst being transported around on the stroller, consider the Baby Trends double stroller, a great choice if you’re after the best sit and stand double stroller.

The Baby Trend double stroller has all the options. When your toddler is small you will love the having the ability to have them sit in the stroller with their baby sibling, and then as they grow simply remove the rear sit and your toddler can stand on the rear platform.

This stroller is suitable for children who can sit unaided to around 40 lbs. For newborn babies this stroller can convert to a travel system and accepts up to two infant car seats.

Other features include a large basket for storage, removable child tray with cup holder, parent console with 2 cup holders and large canopies.

The stroller also has a one handed fold which is appreciated when dealing with two small children.

For families that want various options in their stroller as their children grow, consider this Baby Trend stroller, one of the best double stroller sit and stand options available.

See more pictures of this stroller here: 

What is the Best Double Stroller type?

The best double baby stroller type really depends on your family’s situation. Before we look at what you need to consider when purchasing the best double stroller for newborn and toddler let’s look at the two types of double strollers.

A) Tandem Double Strollers

A tandem stroller, also called an in line stroller or even back to back double stroller is where one seat is behind the other.

Sometimes the seats can be stacked up stadium style (the seat at the back being higher than the one in front), or they can be at the same level.

The benefit of a tandem stroller is that the stroller is the same width as a single stroller making it easy for you to get through corridors and doorways. Some of the best double tandem stroller models can even accommodate an infant car seat.

The downside of even the best tandem double stroller is that they can be difficult to turn around due to their length and given there is usually some differences between the seats it can cause arguments between little ones who may prefer one seat over the other.

Tandem strollers further come in a variety of types including:

1. All-purpose tandems: Less expensive than the convertible all terrain strollers, these strollers have smaller wheels and are less bulky but tend to be harder to move about.

2. All Terrain Strollers: Theses strollers have heavy duty wheels that swivel and so are suitable for most terrains, perfect for taking the little ones to the park. They are easy to move around, often loaded with features but do tend to be somewhat bulky and are more expensive than other strollers.

3. Convertible: These strollers are very popular due to their ability to be used as either a single or double stroller.

4. Sit and stands: These strollers are one of the best options if you are after the best double stroller for infant and 4 year old or even older as the older child can simply sit or stand at the back.

5. Twin car seat frames: These strollers are designed to carry two infant car seats at the same time.

B) Side by Side Double Stroller

A side by side stroller is just that, two strollers right next to each other.

Whilst side by side strollers are easier to push, they are much harder to get through doorways. A great advantage though is there is no reason for little ones to prefer one seat over the other as both little ones have the same experience.

Side by side strollers further come in a variety of types including:

1. Double umbrella strollers: Lightweight strollers with small wheels, limited features and fold compactly. The best double umbrella stroller for infant and toddler are generally inexpensive and great for family vacations.  Generally, these types of strollers are not recommended for babies who cannot sit up.

2. General purpose double strollers: A standard stroller with mid-size wheels, usually has a few features such as storage and parent consoles. These types of strollers are great for everyday use.

3. All terrain double strollers: The best double stroller all terrain has heavy duty wheels that swivel and so are suitable for most terrains, perfect for taking the little ones to the park. They are easy to move around, often loaded with features but do tend to be somewhat bulky and are more expensive than other strollers.

4. Double joggers: Designed for jogging parents, the best double stroller for jogging is easy to move due to their high quality large swivel wheels

What to consider when looking for the Best Double Stroller for Toddler and Newborn

Before purchasing the first double stroller you see, consider the following features to ensure you purchase the best toddler newborn double stroller.

1. Type of Double Stroller

When considering what is the best double stroller to buy, consider when you are likely to use it and in what circumstances.

If you are using it to walk in the park most days, then you might be after the best all terrain double stroller, whereas as if it will be used to go to the shopping mall then an all purpose stroller will be fine.

When considering the type, also consider the age difference between your children. The closer your children are in age, then a side by side is your better option.

However, if there is 2-3 years between the children than a tandem stroller will be suitable.

2. Weight of the Double Stroller

Even the best rated double strollers can be rather heavy and bulky and when your managing two small children you really want the stroller to be light as possible.

Some of the best selling double stroller models tend to start at around 28-30 lbs. The more features added to a double stroller though, the more it is going to weigh.

Check the table above for a quick guide to the weight of the strollers in this review.

3. Size of the Double Stroller

Carting around two little ones and all the things they need takes up a lot of space and a double stroller is going to eat into this space even further.

Before purchasing a double stroller, consider the size of your car’s trunk and ensure you can adequately accommodate it plus anything else you need to store in there.

4. Functionality

When your pushing around two children in a stroller, the best double strollers for infant and toddler are the ones that are a breeze to push and get around corners.

You will also want a stroller that is quick and easy both to put up and to pack away.

5. Weight and Age of Children

Like single strollers, double strollers are designed to suit a range of children of different weights and ages. It is essential that you check the that stroller can accommodate the weight of both of your children.

Typically, the best rated double stroller for infant and toddler models can accommodate a weight of between 35 to 50 lbs per seat.

Make sure you give your children plenty of room to grow as well, you don’t want to purchase a double stroller that suits your children today only to discover you need to upgrade in a years’ time.

Check the table above for a quick guide to the maximum weight each stroller in these best double stroller reviews can accommodate.

6. Other Features

Additional features do add bulk, weight and price to your stroller, but you are likely to be using it on a regular basis so consider if any of these features are essential for you:

1. Cup Holders / Tray: If you are likely to use your stroller for long periods of time, then cup holders and tray may be necessary. It certainly is convenient to have somewhere to put your coffee whilst you are out and about.

2. Storage: With two children your likely to need somewhere to store their belongings, look for double strollers with a storage basket and / or pockets.

3. Canopy: If you are likely to be out in the sun, look for large canopies that fully cover your children.

4. Seat Recline: Some strollers can recline more than others. The best double stroller for toddler and baby is one that can lie flat for taking naps.  Also look for seats that recline independently of each other, so your baby can sleep whilst your toddler is awake or vice versa.

7. Budget

There are some fantastic strollers on the market from the cheapest double stroller to top of the line best luxury double stroller.

No matter what your budget you will be able to find something perfect for your family’s needs.  The double strollers in this review cover a range of price points.

8. Safety

Despite being listed last, safety is the most important consideration when purchasing a stroller. Be sure that any stroller you purchase complies with the standards and guidelines in your country.

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