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2 Ingredient Playdough – How to Make Cornstarch and Conditioner Playdough

Learn how to make cornstarch and conditioner playdough today! It doesn’t get any easier than this recipe with only 2 ingredients.

Playdough is not only fun but through play, your children will be gaining some amazing and important skills.

While your child creates and manipulates the playdough they are developing eye-hand coordination while improving strength and dexterity in their hands and fingers. This Fine Motor Skill Development is a great head start for later skills like holding a pencil, drawing, writing etc.

Buying playdough can get expensive. But don’t worry because there are is good playdough recipe with cornstarch or flour. We have this beautiful soft homemade playdough, in fact it is so soft sometimes it is called cloud dough.

Best of all this is a 2 minute playdough with only 2 ingredients.

So read on to learn how to make cloud dough that is so soft to play with!


Cornstarch and Conditioner Playdough


DIY pcloud dough recipe

This 2 ingredient playdough recipe is so easy because we will be using simple everyday products, that you most likely have at home right now: Conditioner and cornstarch!

If you want to see the supplies I used myself, here they are:



How To Make Playdough With Conditioner and Cornstarch


cornstarch play dough


To make your playdough mix two parts cornstarch to one part hair conditioner. Knead together to create an amazing, soft playdough.

You will find that if you play with the measurements you will produce a cornstarch and conditioner slime, how cool is that?

We used scented, and colored conditioner for a little fun and to add extra sensory play.

If you use white conditioner just add a little food coloring to create the colors you want.


Easy cloud dough conditioner playdough


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How To Store Homemade Playdough

You want to keep your super soft playdough recipe from drying, of course!

Then just pop in an airtight container and this play dough will last around 1 week.

But it is so easy to make that you can make a new batch in seriously 2 minutes.

Also, because it is such an affordable recipe, you can bring along to day trips and the outdoors.

You don’t have to worry if the playdough will be ruined with dirt or sand, so the kids can enjoy more and you can stress less!

And that is it, I hope you have enjoyed our cornstarch clay recipe!

Easiest homemade playdough recipe

Do you have a good playdough recipe that you want to share with us? Let me know in comments below.



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