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Photographing toddlers is a challenging but rewarding business. They are full of energy and sometimes they don’t like to pose or smile for photos, but their spontaneity makes them one of the most interesting subjects to photograph. Check here for great tips if you want to take better photos of children.

One thing that can help you make your toddler photo shoot a success is the use of fun props or themes for your session. Having a little concept for the occasion means that the child can immerse in the story, get involved and be ready to show you their best smiley eyes.

Here are some unique toddler photography ideas we have collected from talented photographers. Click on the picture to go to the photographer profile.

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Toddlers


1. At the farm


2. Mermaid Dream


3. Super Hero


4. Bubbles


5. Little Lumberjack


6. Winter Wonderland


7. Lemonade Stand


8. Ranch life


9. Unicorn Fantasy


10. Knight


11. Fairy Magic


12. Carrousel Dream


13. Little Indian


14. Tee-pee


Looking for some ideas to create fun, candid toddler photos? Check out our huge post on outdoor activities for kids


Studio Toddler Photo Shoot


1. Swing


2. Lego


3. Campfire


4. Valentines


5. Aviator


6. Little Angel


7. High Tea


8. Hot Air Balloon


9. Tiny King


10. Flying through the rainbow


Digital Composite – children’s photo shoot ideas


1. Little Mermaid


2. Safari


3. Under the Sea


4. Peter Pan


5. Narnia


6. Harry Potter


7. Fairy-tale


8. Sports




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