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Galaxy eggs are so much fun to make and will be the most remarkable item in your Easter Basket.

Looking for perfect DIY easter gifts?

Stop your Pinterest search for Easter ideas now, because these DIY galaxy Easter crafts idea make a gorgeous addition to any Easter basket and will have the Easter Bunny wishing for an adventure to the stars.

Follow our easy step by step guide to creating these Galaxy Easter Eggs.


DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs Craft


diy easter decorations

Easter Galaxy Eggs Supplies

This is all you need, follow the link to buy your supplies now:

Galaxy easter eggs supply DIY


Paint the wooden eggs black. This will take 2-3 coats. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Do it yourself galaxy easter eggs

paint easter wood eggs

Cut a sponge into small 1 inch pieces.

easter eggs diy supplies

Add paint to a paper plate. Use a different piece of sponge for each color.

Dip the sponge into the paint and dab the sponge onto the egg. (tip: hold the egg up with a piece of toilet paper tube)

galaxy wood eggs

Allow colors of paint to dry before dabbing another color on top. Keep dabbing colors onto the egg until your happy with the result.

easter eggs diy

adding paint to the galaxy eggs

The eggs already look so pretty! Let the paint to dry completely before next step.

galaxy easter eggs

Use a small paint brush to draw small starbursts onto the eggs.

stars easter eggs

Cover an area with newspaper or do this step outside! Coat toothbrush bristles with white paint and use your finger to flick paint onto the egg to create stars and swirls in the galaxy. Allow the paint to dry completely.

galaxy eggs for easter

starbursts galaxy easter eggs

Dip a foam paintbrush into glue and dab the glue lightly onto the egg. Pour gold glitter onto the glue.

golden galaxy easter eggs

Shake off excess glitter and then use the foam brush to smudge the glitter. Allow glue to dry completely.

easter eggs diy galaxy and stars

Your eggs are finished! Happy Easter!

galaxy easter eggs diy


Looking for more Easter Craft ideas? Head over to our Ultimate Easter Craft post here. 


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