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This Easy Strategy Will Help You Make Money From Your Blog

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced blogger or just learned how to start a blog from scratch, learning how affiliate marketing can help your blog make money is a must.

If you think affiliate marketing is too hard, not worth your while because of low page views or that your followers will hate it and leave, we are here to show you that this will not be the case at all and that Affiliate Marketing is one of the Best Ways To Start To Monetize Your Blog.

By not integrating affiliate marketing into your blog you are missing out on earning 100’s and even 1000’s of dollars income each month.

Read on to learn why you need affiliate marketing on your blog now and how to do affiliate marketing the correct way.


Best way to monetize your blog



What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is when you make an online income through affiliate links. An affiliate income is earning money from affiliate links you may place in blog posts, in reviews and other places online.

When one of your readers clicks on that affiliate link and purchases a product or service through that link, you gain a commission from that sale. So in short, if you discover a product you love, you then promote it to your readers and then earn some of the profit from each sale you helped promote.

You can get affiliate links from individual products and services or go through sites such as ShareASale that have multiple affiliates to choose from.

Take a look at our post “Best Keto Diet Books” to see Affiliate marketing links at work.

Super easy, right? Well, only if you use the best Affiliate Marketing Strategy.


How to Earn Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing


Learning how to create passive income with your blog is most bloggers goal and affiliate marketing is a great way to make that happen. And the best news is that is easy once you learn how to do affiliate income the right way.

A great way to learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing is “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” but more on that further along in the post.

Let’s answer some questions we are sure you have first.


Why You Need To Grow Your Affiliate Income


The most obvious reason is to make money from your blog! But there a few added benefits to this online income stream.

  • It’s nearly a passive income. Yes, you need to do the research and create the content to promote your affiliate link but after that, it is relatively low maintenance and the income will keep coming in, long after you publish your content.
  • It’s low cost. Start Your own blog, with low cost hosting as shown in our step by step build a blog guide and you can start adding affiliate links straight away.


Want to take the leap and start your own blog? We have the ultimate beginners guide to starting your own blog here.


How to Start a profitable blog


  • You can promote so many different types of products and services, the possibility is endless. From books to backpacks, digital products to carpet cleaning. Whatever your interests are there will be affiliates to suit your niche.
  • It is easier than creating your own products. And let’s not forget about all the shipping, production costs, customer service etc that comes with having your own product. With Affiliate Marketing this is all handled by someone else!
  • You are helping your readers. If you love something and it makes an impact on your life then by sharing you are making a difference to the people who read your blog too. Win-win.
  • This is the perfect online strategy for location freedom. As long as you have internet and a laptop you can work anywhere. This may mean getting to be a SAHM or working on a tropical beach while sipping cocktails. The choice is yours.

Do you need high page views to make money with Affiliate Marketing?


The good news is, NO!

Believe it or not, you can still make great money with affiliate marketing without having 100,000’s of page views every month. The key to good affiliate marketing is helping the right readers to find the right products.

Can you become an affiliate marketer without being a sales person?


It is easy to earn an affiliate income without becoming one of those obvious “sell, sell, sell” bloggers. In fact the more genuine, honest and real you are, the more your followers will trust you and be interested in the products you love.


Will I get Rich Quick With Affiliate Marketing?


If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Yes, Affiliate Marketing is low cost to set up and easier than some other online income methods but you will still need to work hard. You will need to find the right affiliate links for your blog and followers. You will also need to build and grow an audience that trust you and are loyal. These are the readers who will be willing to purchase from your affiliate links.

If Affiliate Marketing sounds like the perfect way to make money online for you then keep reading.


Learn how to earn an income with Affiliate Marketing


Michelle has been blogging for many years now but it wasn’t until she learned the power of Affiliate Income that she could quit work and become a full-time blogger. She now can earn over $200,000 a month with her blog with most of that income coming from Affiliate Marketing.

Her “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” course is a step-by-step guide to teach bloggers the best affiliate marketing strategies.

Here is a quick “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” review.

What “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” course includes:

  • 6 online modules
  • 30+ lessons to
  • Worksheets
  • Extra bonuses to help you
  • Join the members-only Facebook group. A great place to chat, find help and collaborate with fellow bloggers.
  • 30 Day Refund Policy

What you will learn:

  • What Affiliate Marketing is
  • Why you need to be doing it
  • Steps to becoming an online affiliate marketer
  • How to pick the best affiliates links for your blog
  • How to make your affiliate links convert
  • What steps you need to follow to comply with the law in regards to affiliates
  • How to build trust with your readers
  • The best strategies to promote affiliate links
  • The steps Michelle took to earn over $300,000 on one of her blog posts
  • Michelle’s great Pinterest strategies.
    And much more….

What We loved about the course:

  • The course takes you from complete beginner knowledge to a thorough understanding of Affiliate Marketing
  • The Facebook group is brilliant for learning and new information. Michelle also hangs out there and is happy to share information and answer questions. We think this is alone is priceless.
  • It isn’t niche specific. This means with a little imagination you can put these money making strategies to use on any blog.
  • It is self -paced. You can go through each module as you find the time and start implementing new techniques as you go.

Find Out more about “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” course here.


Best Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate Marketing Ideas to Use on your Blog



If you use and love a product it is super easy to write up a review saying what you like about it. If you can do a comparison review of products or services even better. Just like our kids GPS comparison post.

Just be sure to always be honest and helpful. People are very quick to know if you are not being truthful and it will also hurt your online reputation.


If you have an affiliate link to a course you love or products like ebooks you could create an image widget and pop anywhere on your blog. Some great spots are in posts with related content or in your sidebar.

Live videos

How about making a video of the product in use? If it’s live it’s also a great opportunity for followers to ask questions while you show them everything you love about your affiliate item.

Write a Detailed Guide

Take the time to research thoroughly and write a detailed guide to a product or service. Think about any questions, worries or information that your readers would want to know about.

Posts created with the aim of Helping your readers

If you write a post to answer a specific question or problem and use the best SEO practices then you will be sure to get the right audience to your affiliate links while helping readers.

Want to get ahead with SEO? We Use Keysearch Pro. Click to find out more


As you can see Affiliate Marketing is one of the Best Ways To Start To Monetize Your Blog and a strategy you can begin right at the start of your blogging journey.

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