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Easy Easter Keto Recipes That The Whole Family Will Love

Looking for easy keto recipes for Easter? We share keto cheesecake, a delicious ham glaze recipe, keto carrot cake and keto Easter recipes you and the whole family will love. 

Easter is one of those holidays where the entire family gets together and has a big dinner.

However, if you’re trying to eat healthy or watch you carbs food intake, those big dinners can cause a bit of grief because you definitely don’t want to look like a stick in the mud during a holiday.

You also don’t want to cheat because it’s nice to get into a routine or groove and if you falter on that, it’s hard getting back into it. Plus, your body can respond in a not so nice manner as well.

Never fear, I have keto-friendly recipes for you and some ways to stick to being Keto-healthy during your Easter celebrations.



What is Keto?


Easter Keto Recipes


Odds are, you sort of already know what Keto is and that’s why you’re here to get an awesome list of recipes to help you out on Easter.

On the off chance you might not know what Keto is, let me give a brief introduction.

Keto is a diet that has grown in popularity over the past few years. It’s called Keto because the foods that are consumed and the amount they’re consumed in forces your body to go into ketosis.

This means your body is burning your fat stores rather than burning the random carbs flowing into your body. It’s a low carb but high-fat diet.

This might sound like its contradictive but, I assure you it’s not.

Without getting into the science of how it works, I can attest to the fact that this diet is one of the easiest I’ve ever done and feels more like a lifestyle than a diet.

Once you get used to the few limitations, it’s truly an easy guideline to follow and not only helps you drop weight and excess fat but, it helps you feel better all the way around.

If you are new to keto then you may want to check out these great keto diet cookbooks for inspiration


Tips for Eating Healthy During a Holiday


Low Carb Easter Recipes

Just Don’t Eat Anything

Holidays, including Easter, can consist of parties, get-togethers, etc.

The biggest tip is to not eat what you don’t have to. If they have snacks out on the table, either choose something that fits into the parameter of your health focus or just don’t get anything.

People won’t get their feelings hurt and you still get to enjoy the holiday get together without ruining and of your health goals.


If It’s a Dinner, Choose Wisely 

Sometimes, if we’re not the ones running the dinner aspect of things, then odds are, there will be minimal healthy options.

However, it’s common for people to make their own plates at these dinner gathering so try to choose wisely.

Stick with meat and veggies if possible and skip the rest.

However, if your plate is made for you, don’t sweat it. Eat a little bit of everything to be polite but, don’t eat it all. Eating a little off track is ok if there’s no way to get around.

Gaining anxiety or stress over the matter will be worse for you than just relaxing and eating a bit of what was handed to you.


Have Healthy Options 

If you’re in control of the dinner, try to have both healthy and traditional options so that you and others have the choice to eat what you prefer.

It’s never nice to make people go without their favorites just because you’re dieting so, having both choices is always a wonderful way of going about keeping everyone happy and festive.


Bring Your Own Option

If it’s a potluck style dinner or get together, bring one or two options of your own.

Make it something you can eat and try to stick with just those items you brought or with any option within your diet, kind of like the snack table scenario.


Just Be Honest 

Just be honest with the people you’re having dinner with either in advance or while there that you’re sticking to eating healthy.

Many times, friends and family will happily oblige you or even support you. If some start to question why you’re not eating certain stuff just say you’re eating healthier or on a specific diet and didn’t want to deviate.

Sometimes, just being honest with people takes the stress out of all of it.


Keto Easter Recipe Ideas


If you get to make your own dish and bring it, here are a few Keto Easter Ideas to get you started! If you don’t get to make any dishes but someone asks you what you would like to have, you can also suggest some of these. There’s everything from dinner to dessert in this list.


Low Carb Easter Recipes

From Easter keto dinner ideas to easy keto desserts. Find the best keto recipes to have this Easter.


How To Stay On Keto During Holiday

Easter Recipes for Keto

There are more options on the Keto diet than there is on the majority of other diets.

This often times makes this diet a little bit easier to stick to even when holidays and get-togethers roll around. Odds are, you might have friends and family also following the same basic diet which means you could collaborate on the dinner and make it easy for everyone to stick to it without feeling cheated for Easter.

I know that my biggest issue is that if I stick to my diet during a holiday, I feel like I didn’t get to really enjoy the holiday to the fullest and missed out, in a way.

In my family, food is a huge part of holidays like it is for most. So, not eating the traditional dishes can make it seem like you missed out on a part of that holiday.

The biggest point to remember is that stress and worry are worse for you than food ever will be.

If it’s going to be stressful or too worrisome to try and keep to the full parameters of your Keto diet during the holiday, just one day will not set you back and it will be ok overall, to go ahead and partake.

Other Low Carb Recipes To Try




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