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Awesome Kitchen Organization Ideas On A Budget

Learn how to get your kitchen organized on a budget with these easy kitchen organization ideas!

It can be tough, while on a budget, to try and do things like organize your kitchen.

However, thankfully, there are sites such as Amazon and stores like the dollar store that give us access to some great products for a cheap price.

These products make the job of organizing a kitchen cheaper and quicker which is perfect in my book.

If you’re needing help with kitchen storage organization and you’ve run out of ideas that you can afford, check out our suggestions from Amazon and dollar stores below.

All of our suggestions are $20 or less!


Kitchen Organization Ideas On A Budget


1. Organizer Bin for Cabinet

I don’t know about you but, my cabinets always seem to be a mess.

Over time, things get tossed into the cabinet and I don’t know if I have certain ingredients or not without emptying the entire cabinet.

Having kitchen cabinet storage solutions like these are nice for organizing different types of ingredients and for keeping everything uniform without a constant mess forming.

Find best prices on cabinet organizers here.


2. Extra shelves for kitchen cabinets

Ever feel like you’re not getting to use wasted space in your cabinets or there’s just a section in your pantry that you can’t really sit anything in?

This cabinet rack is one of my favorite hacks on how to organize kitchen cabinets that are too deep or too tall as they are for allowing you to use up that waste space.

These kitchen cabinet organizers especially come in handy with spices. Spices are what take over the cabinet above my stove so, this would definitely come in handy to make more room up there for me.

You can never have too many spices…until you run out of room.

Tidy up your kitchen now with these cabinet racks.


3. Kitchen Drawer Organizer

I know most of us have a drawer organizer when it comes to silverware.

However, did you know they made drawer organizers with other shapes to hold items outside of silverware?

Most of us have a junk drawer, it’s okay to admit it. Those junk drawers come in handy until we have to find something in there.

Then, it becomes a disastrous journey to finding that one item we need.

With a drawer organizer, not only do you end up with more room but, you can open the drawer and go straight for the item you need.

This drawer organizer would also be great for your home office organization too!

Find the best drawer organizers for your home here.

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4. Refrigerator Container Bin

Please, do not get me started on how much of a mess my fridge is right now.

Half the time, things get stacked on top of each other which often ruins the items on the bottom.

These bins are nice for kitchen organization because they’re stackable!

That means, you can use up all that wasted space in your fridge by stacking the bins while organizing the bins by item type.

All the way around, these are handy to have because they work outside the fridge as well.

Organize your refrigerator easily and get these bins here.


5. Kitchen shelf organizer

Have a ton of extra space under shelves in your house?

Use this basket-like hanging to attach to the shelf to create more room to store items.

It’s a great way to create more shelving in a cheap and quick manner.

Get a value pack of two under shelf hangings here.


6. Kitchen Hooks

Hooks are great for the inside of cabinet doors to hang things on.

It takes up little room but works wonders for hanging things such as measuring cups and spoons.

It makes them easy to get to plus, you don’t have to worry about them taking up a ton of room in your drawers and cabinets!

My measuring cups can be quite a pain to store and I’ve looked at doing this with a couple of my cabinets for those and other utensils.

Get these great reusable and waterproof hooks here.


7. Kitchen storage containers

Use these small baskets to organize your junk drawer better.

Sometimes, those silverware holders that we use in the junk drawer just don’t hold enough, they’re too big, they don’t fit the drawer right and everything is a big.

However, using these baskets can help you utilize your drawer space more efficiently and find your belongings faster. It’s also helpful for other drawers in the kitchen as well.

Get a set of versatile storage baskets here.

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8. Tension Curtain Rods

Do you ever have a problem properly storing those cookie sheets or cutting boards? I know I do.

They usually get in the way each time I’m trying to get a pan out and there’s no good way to stalk them all.

I have limited kitchen space so, trying to use 2-3 cabinets just for the larger items is not an option.

Curtain rods can be used inside cabinets or on shelves to create barred sections that hold your pans and such upright and in a more organized manner. Cheap and handy!

Get these super handy curtain rods here.


9. Contact Paper

Use contact paper to make a cute look inside your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

If the edges are done correctly, you will have little to no trouble with it ripping or looking cheap. There’s no limit to the color and designs you can choose from.

Contact paper is pretty cheap and amazon carry large inventory of countless patterns and styles.

It takes very little time to do but it is good to learn how to lay contact paper well. It’s also easy to switch out if you end up wanting a different look down the road.

Find a contact paper design you love here.


10. Under the kitchen sink organizer

Use a basket or supplies organizer to organize under your sink.

Not to mention, it makes for a nice quick way to grab all the supplies needed for cleaning up a mess.

Need help with cleaning? Check out my favorite cleaning hacks!

Make sure to get an organizer that has a handle because that’s the aspect that makes it easier to grab and go if need be.

You can always use this as a way for each kid to have their own little cleaning basket too. Either way, it’s a handy way to organize under the kitchen sink.

Get the perfect storage basket for under the kitchen sink here.


There are so many ways to organize your kitchen and it doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny.

These are just a few ways to utilize cheap options on Amazon and at the dollar store but a quick search on these sites will show you so many more ways to organize your kitchen.

Kitchen organization isn’t always an easy task however, with these hacks and others, it truly can be fun and easy with little effort.

It’s also fun to wow people when they see how you organized your kitchen in such a unique and fun way.

Do you have any extra kitchen sink organization ideas to share? let me know in comments below.


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