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Quick and Easy Mom Hairstyles

Avoid soccer mom hair and take a look at this list of easy mom hairstyles. Created for all the busy moms out there who still want to look glam and have those cute mom hairstyles with limited time.

Whether you are a short hair mom, medium hair mom or long hair mom, we have easy mom updos for you.

The start of easy mom hair is healthy hair. Here are a few tips to get luscious locks that are easy to care for and look amazing.



Easy Steps to Healthy Hair


Nutrition for Healthy Hair


The best way to healthy hair is having a healthy diet. Some great foods to eat for healthy hair are:

  • Eggs. Eggs are high in protein which is one of the building blocks for healthy hair.  They also contain biotin which helps hair to grow.
  • Dark Leafy Greens like spinach. Dark leafy foods provide you with iron which keeps your hair strong. If you are low in iron you may even notice hair loss.
  • Citrus Fruits. To make sure your body correctly absorbs much-needed iron you need to keep your Vitamin C levels up. Collagen is also important to hair growth and Vitamin C is vital to the production of collagen.
  •  Carrots. These are high in Vitamin A which will help your hair grow.
  • Avocados. Another good source of biotin but also in Vitamin E. With its ability to help improve blood circulation, this Vitamin helps the hair follicles to be more efficient.
  • Salmon. Full of good fats like Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon helps your hair thicken and grow.


A Great Hair Cut


Getting great hairstyles for moms means a cut that suits your lifestyle and that will make soccer mom hairstyles a thing of the past. Tips for haircuts for busy moms are:

  • Find a good hairdresser. Ask friends whose hair you love and check online for great reviews of stylists in your area. Don’t go for a quick and cheap cut. If you pay for a good stylist you will find that your hair is much easier to manage.
  • Tell your stylist about your lifestyle. If your usual routine involves a brush once a week between feeding kids and running around with after-school activities, be truthful.  There is no point getting a high maintenance hairstyle if you do not have the time to look after it. Easy haircuts for moms on the go are going to much more practical and look much better than a style that needs constant care but doesn’t get it.
  • Take a picture of styles and colors you like but be willing to be flexible and listen to the advice of your stylist.  They will have a great idea about what hairstyle suits your face shape, hair type and lifestyle.


Feel like a change with your next hairstyle. How about some gorgeous bangs like @courtneyadamo?


Take Time for Hair Care


If you want hair that will look fab in quick mom hairstyles it needs to be in good condition. Some hair care advice to follow is:

  • Do not overwash your hair. Try to limit washing your hair to two or three times a week. The natural oils keep your hair healthy and shampoo strips these away. As an added bonus this gives you more time every week. Try using dry shampoo between washes and if you really feel you need to wash your hair after the gym then try rinsing with water without using shampoo.
  • Invest in good quality hair products that are right for your hair type and condition. Buying top quality shampoo will leave your hair feeling amazing and in great condition.
  • Take notice of how you wash your hair. Use shampoo only on your scalp and be sure to massage it into your scalp to help with circulation. A healthy scalp = healthy hair. Use conditioner only on the ends of your hair as it can make hair greasy if used on the scalp.
  • Do not wash your hair with water that is too hot. This will ruin the condition of your hair quickly. And avoid brushing your hair while it is wet. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to get out tangles.
  • Try to avoid heated styling tools like straighteners and hairdryers. If you must use them be sure to use a product that protects your hair from heat.
  • Treat yourself to a leave-in hair treatment. Not only will this leave your hair feeling amazing but it is so important to take some time for self-care as a mom.


Discover 15 Self Care Habits to Practice with Your Alone Time that will Make you a Better Mother here.


Mom hairstyles for short hair

There are plenty of good hairstyles for moms with short hair. We love these amazing mums styles for inspo. 




@chloenbrown knows how to rock the short hair mom hairstyle! We love this beautiful loose plaited look. After plaiting your hair, carefully loosen it with your fingers to create this look and pin in place.



We all know the mum bun…but how about this cool twist for a little more glam but no extra work. Thanks, @hairandbeautybyjen. We think this would make a great hairstyle for new moms too.


Mom hairstyles for medium hair

Just because you are a mum doesn’t mean you can’t rock cool mom hairstyles. Check out these gorgeous ladies who show that quick hairstyles for medium hair can look amazing. 



@nataliasimmons has brightened up the half up hairstyle with this beautiful french braid. Super quick and she says she gets lots of comments.

Not sure how to do a French Braid? Follow this easy french braid tutorial.



Add a little rock’n’roll to your easy mom hairstyle with this edgy look from @ruthyannie.  Take your usual half-up hairdo and pile it into a high, messy bun. Be sure to add a few bobby pins to keep it in place.



Braids are the basis of some of the best hairstyles for moms. You can’t get much more of a quick mom hairstyle than this from @keelimking. Simply braid your hair in two braids then pull them to the opposite side and pin underneath, hiding the ends. This look was done with a Dutch braid but you can do it with any braid you are familiar with.

Discover a Dutch braid tutorial here


Mom hairstyles for long hair



You really can’t beat the mum bun as a hairstyle for busy moms. @chelsea.jean is a mum to 5 gorgeous children and looks fabulous rocking the mum bun. Perfect for fun beach days and creating amazing memories with your children.

Just tie your hair into a ponytail then twist your hair around into a bun. You can hold it in place with another hair tie or bobby pins.



We love how much fun @likemilijan has with her wardrobe and hair. Recreate this fun look by putting your hair in a high ponytail then fastening ties along the ponytail. Super quick, easy and fun.

We love to use these invisible hair ties.



@amberfillerup shows us we are never too old for pigtails! Create your own fun look with french braids, Dutch braids, two buns or with a twist effect like this.



Adding a funky head scarf like @asalitamu_ makes for a fun and fresh look. It is also perfect if you are feeling like you are having a bad hair day.



@aldanacazacu shows how pretty a ribbon can make a simple hairstyle look. Have a collection of ribbons to tie around ponytails, buns, use as hairbands and brighten up the bottom of braids.



Hair bands can make a big statement and tidy up mom hair quickly. We love this fun tied hair band from @mamalinauk.



If it really is too much one day never be afraid to pull out a hat like the gorgeous @paigehilken. Choose from baseball caps, winter beanies, funky french berets or any other favourite. Such a simple but gorgeous look for any busy mom.


More than a mum bun



Neaten up your mum bum with a gorgeous look like @kassandrasanford. Use a hair bun accessory to create this sleek and tidy finish.



This yummy mummy hairstyle is a twist on the mum bun. To create this look, flip your hair over and French Braid the back of your hair from the nape of your neck before gathering into a bun.


Beautiful Braids





Braids are such an easy mom hairstyle and let you be as creative as your imagination and time allow. They also make the perfect hairstyle for nursing moms as they keep hair up and out of the way while looking beautiful. We love these braided mom hairstyles from @amomlikeu and @thefreckledfox.

Need to learn how to create this look? Check out a fishtail braid tutorial here.


Ponytails for Busy Moms








Ponytails can be made to look glam while being effortless. Keeping a few face-framing tresses loose like @dulcecandy, can be a great hairstyle for working moms. Or pop it up super high and funky like @ashly_fritch. For a softer, more feminine look, follow @the.emerald.fox.emblem and keep two loose parts free when you do your ponytail, then wrap them softly around the hair tie.


Easy mom hairstyles with a twist




We love this beautiful twist updo from @young_and_gray29. Simply twist your hair along each side and collect in a fun twist at the back. Secure in place with as many bobby pins as you need. This style is not meant to be neat so have fun.



@mamabear.fitness says this fun look is perfect for a gym mom hairstyle. Put your hair into a ponytail and make a small opening near the hair tie with your fingers just above the hair tie next to your head. Flip your whole ponytail through the opening. Tie another band lower down the ponytail, flip through again and repeat until you have this look.

These 15 Easy Hairstyles for Moms will make your life easier in the morning and keep you looking fab!

good hairstyles for moms



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