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70+ DIY Washi Tape Ideas to Decorate and Personalize your Home


Love washi tape? Find here the best DIY Washi Tape Ideas to personalize and decorate your home and items.

Washi Tape has to be one of the most versatile and fun ways to make any project look amazing. I love looking searching for DIY Washi Tape Ideas to make my home and projects look pretty instantly!

What is washi tape used for?

There are so many different ways to use washi tape.

The best part is that it is super easy to create stunning looking projects and because there are so many gorgeous washi tape designs available, you can personalize objects, crafts and lots more things with a simple piece of tape!


If you are like us you may have an extensive collection of beautiful washi tape designs but are not sure of the best ways on how to use washi tape.

We have put together this ultimate list of washi tape ideas and projects for you to enjoy. So keep reading to discover some pretty amazing washi tape uses.

DIY Washi Tape Ideas

Washi tape jewelry. One of the best washi tape projects ever!

Kids will love this washi tape car track.

These washi tape feathers make a gorgeous and fun project.

Give old tins a new life with this washi tape tin craft.

DIY washi tape stickers are super easy to make and can be used in so many ways.

Never miss an important note again with this cute washi tape chalkboard.

We love how unique this washi tape clutch is.

Make jars, mason jars and bottles bright and cheerful with some washi tape.

Washi tape nail art..yep it’s a thing.

Make getting your washi tape easier with this DIY washi tape holder.

A washi tape bracelet makes a fun and quick art project.

We love this washi tape idea.

Make a washi tape headband for every day of the week.

Make old new with this washi tape upcycle hack.

Washi tape pinwheels are even more fun, right? One of the cutest washi tape craft ideas we have come across.


Washi Tape Organizing Ideas and Projects

Never spend ages finding the right key again with this cute washi tape idea.

Make organizing fun with these simple washi tape magnets.

Have a washi tape addiction? Check out this great DIY Washi Tape Storage

Never spend wasted time finding chargers again with this fun washi tape charger project.

Organize your notebooks, planners or bullet journal with these easy washi paperclips.

Keep your desk looking beautiful with these washi tape desk organizers.

Make simple washi tape twist ties.

Make it super simple to find the pages you want with this washi tape page edging.

Don’t hide boxes. This washi tape box needs to be displayed.

These washi hangers will make your wardrobe look amazing.


Personalize with Washi Tape

Personalize your keyboard with Washi Tape.

Make your phone unique with this washi tape phone case project.

Fed up of losing your favorite pencils? Make sure everyone knows they are yours with fun washi tape pencils. Great washi tape ideas for school.

Washi Tape envelopes will make everyone excited to receive mail.

Give your laptop wow factor with a washi tape laptop cover.

Create gorgeous notebooks with washi tape covers.

Make alphabet decor really stand out with an easy washi tape makeover.

Washi Tape Gift Ideas

An easy washi tape gift for kids to make.

These washi tape cake stands make a perfect gift for bakers.

Create washi tape birthday cards or homemade washi tape cards for any occasion with your collection of tapes.

Give a mirror a beautiful makeover by using washi tape on the frame.

Anyone would love to get these washi tape coasters.

A washi tape bookmark is an ideal gift for the bookworm in your life.

Make your gifts look amazing with washi tape.

Make a plain candle an amazing gift with this washi tape tutorial.

Give gifts with love with this washi tape gift box.


Washi tape decorating ideas – Home Decor Hacks

Make your windows look amazing with this fun Washi Tape Hack

A fun way to add some bright color. Washi Tape on doors.

Brighten up an archway with washi tape to match your decor.

Make your home office pop with this fun washi tape idea.

Turn up the brightness with the lights with this fun washi tape light switch cover.

Make some fun washi tape decor this washi tape lampshade hack.

Create pretty washi tape vases for home or a special event.

How cute is this washi tape clock!

Brighten up an uninteresting corner of the house with this amazing washi tape tree.

Make furniture amazing with this washi tape furniture hack.

How cute is this quick washi tape hack?

Washi Tape is a great way to upcycle items.


Washi Tape Party Hacks

Create fun party games with washi tape like hopscotch.

Create wall artwork that matches your theme with washi tape. Perfect for any party or a wedding.

Make your party cutlery match your decor with these fun washi tape spoons.

Make fun washi tape flags for your party food

Pimp up Halloween and fall decor with these washi tape pumpkins.

DIY pick up sticks for old-school party game fun.

Create this gorgeous washi tape fairy lights quickly and easily.

Christmas washi tape ideas are always a good idea.


Washi Tape Wall Decor Ideas

Does washi tape damage walls? The answer is no, which makes it perfect for decorating walls if you are renting or want some temporary color and design.

Brighten up a plain wall with some fun washi tape geometric wall art.

Display photographs with style with these washi tape ideas for walls.

Use washi tape on the wall to make this easy calendar.

Create this fun and easy washi tape garland.

Hanging up hats doesn’t have to be boring with this washi tape coat tree.

Make a cool washi tape wall measuring chart. Use different colors for each child to watch them grow.

Create your own unique style with washi tape wall decor. Great for decor for renters as it is easily removed.

We love wall designs with tape.

Make quick and easy art for your home with these washi tape art ideas.

Don’t have room for a traditional Christmas tree or have a young child? This washi tape Christmas tree is the perfect solution.


Beautiful Washi Tape Designs

We thought we would share some of our favorite washi tape. We would love to hear what yours are too so be sure to comment below.

We hope you loved all these amazing ways to use washi tape! Be sure to pin for later when you need some washi tape inspiration.

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