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Children’s art station organization – 10 simple ways to organize kids arts and crafts supplies

Check out these simple solutions for children’s art station organization! Includes 10 ideas for art tables and art supply storage.

As parents we want our kids to be able to use their imagination and have hands-on learning opportunities as often as possible.

Arts and crafts activities support exactly that and kids of all ages love it!

Which is excellent in fact because arts and crafts are extremely important for child development.

It supports, among others, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sensory and language development and creativity. However, it can be a messy activity!

Since arts and crafts can often be an open ended activity it is important that we give the kids the tools and supply to just create in a totally free manner, providing them with the craft supplies.

But that makes keeping your kid’s art and craft corner organized a huge and time consuming task!

So today I am here to show you how you can easily keep your children’s art station organized.



How to keep the children’s art station organized


I have rounded up a list of my favorite organization ideas for the kids art corner area or station.


1. Kids Rolling Craft Organizer Cart

If you don’t have a children’s art table with storage you can use these handy rolling carts to bring the art supplies to the table and get it all back organized when they are finish.

It could be stored inside one of your kitchen cupboards or pantry if you have the space there.

It comes with several removable plastic drawers that are perfect for storing small objects in containers or large pieces. 

Get this colorful arts and craft supplies organizer cart here!


2. Large Storage Cart and Organizer

This is a larger version of the previous cart. Again it’s perfect for home or classroom storage of arts and crafts supplies.

The locking wheels provide excellent maneuverability and stability to be a functional addiction to your home.

Get this amazing cart now on Amazon!


3. Metal Rolling Storage Cart (3 or 4 tier)

These 3 or 4 tier open cart provide endless uses and can certainly be of helping for arts and crafts organization.

The large baskets make it so easy to see all the materials available and there are many add-on accessories to hand around these carts to provide even more space for storage.

Guaranteed to help you tidy up and organize your art corner for preschoolers space.

Order this 3-tier open rolling cart now!

This one here has 4 tiers:

Get your Mobile Kids Art Storage Organizer here!



4. Clear Plastic Craft and Art Supply Organizer

Why allow clutter to hinder your creativity, right?

These clear plastic organizer boxes are perfect to organize and store your kids’ craft supplies such as glue, tape, glitter, pens, highlighters, markers and crayons.

The dividers will ensure the crafts stay organized up right even when the kids pick some of the other supplies out of the box. it also makes refilling the cube and reorganizing your supplies super fast.

This product here comes in a set of 8 stacakle boxes:

Grab these amazing Arts and Crafts organizers here!


5. Art Supplies, Crafts and Crayons Organizer

Easy and convenient to keep it at the desk but also to move supplies around to an outdoor table or on the go.

This art supply caddy or tote features 11 compartments of different sizes to allow for a better organization of some of your kids’ fave arts and crafts items.

It is made of durable BPA-free plastic.

Get this handy caddy for the kids’ craft supplies here!


6. Stackable Crafts Cube Organizer

I love these crayon and marker organizer that are compact and stackable.

They make it easy to find the exact craft supply you are searching for when you add all pencils, pens, markers and crayons laying down in that way.

The compartments are sold in different designs so you can mix and match and build a system that will work for your type and amount of supplies.

It comes with the following designs: 1, 2 or 4 drawers, open cube or cross divider.

These portable and stackable smart storage are perfect for acrylic paints, glitter, yarn, ribbons, paper, albums and fabric… you name it!

Get you Desk and Craft Organizers now from Amazon!


7. Activity Chest with Cases

This is a clever little design.

Not only you can store all the kids crafts supply in a drawer-like system, they are also all organized in individual plastic cases that are removable where the crafts can be transported enclosed and organized.

The cases feature built-in little handles for easy portability.Perfect for road trips.

Get this product to organizer the arts supplies and keep them within reach.

Order your Case Activity Chest here!



8. Arts and Crafts Tower

This is brilliant if you are looking for a solution on how to organize large amounts of art supplies in small spaces.

Definitely useful for classrooms but also if you have plenty of supplies for a homeschooling group of kids.

The tower is sturdy and mobile, providing storage and organization space for a ton of supplies.

Order your USA-made Craft Tower here!


9. ArtBin Store-In-Drawer Cabinet

Another simple organizing solutions for the art station desks. However, you can mount them on walls to save organization space.

Features 9 sturdy plastic drawers that are perfect for pens, marker, tapes, sticker, beads, stamps and more kids craft supplies.

They are conveniently made to be stackable.

Get your Art and Craft Supply Storage Drawers here!


10. Set of 8 Kids Activity Plastic Tray

These trays are another option and useful as kid’s art storage organizer.

You can keep supplies in the tray but that is also where the kids can create their crafts and keep the space mess free.

The trays are made with an easy to clean plastic material.

When not in use they can be stuck flat together to save space.

Perfect for home and homeschooling kids but also for classrooms and daycare.

Get your Arts and Crafts Organizer Tray here!

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