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Learn how to make your own dream catcher with this fun Paper Plate Dream Catcher Craft For Kids!

Dream catchers are beautiful objects that have become very popular in recent years and used to decorate nursery and kids bedrooms.

These mobile objects are, as the name itself suggests, intended to catch dreams. But there is a lot more to dream catchers than you probably know.

Read on to learn about this handmade items and use this diy dream catcher craft opportunity to talk about dreams, nightmare and the significance of the object.

dream catcher craft


Paper Plate Dream Catcher Craft For Kids


What Is A Dream Catcher


Despite the modern versions of this object, dream catcher use comes from indigenous origins.

So what is a dream catcher exactly?

According to Psychology Today a dream catcher is a handmade mobile object used by Native Americans. Making dream catchers and hanging it up in the teepees is believed to ensure a good night sleep.

This beautiful object is made of a hoop and strands woven as a sort of web and adorned with other natural materials such as feathers, crystals and beads.

The legend associated with the dreamcatchers is that nightmares get trapped in the web while the good dreams pass through the holes. When daylight comes, the bad dreams are dissolved. Therefore, homemade dream catcher is often used as to avoid the children from having nightmares.

With all the significance of dream catcher we think that this is an easy craft that could be perfect that could be perfect to be done with a child who is going through a nightmare phase or is curious about dreams. Also a great opportunity to teach kids a bit more about Native American culture and how to respect it.

make your own children's dream catcher


Dream Catcher Supplies


Find below the list of dream catcher materials to create your own children’s dream catcher.


How To Make A Dreamcatcher For Kids


We will use the paper plates to make 2 small dream catcher hoops.

Start by marking and cutting out the center of two paper plates.

cutting paper plate for craft


Both plates are used together in the same craft so paint them, front and back, in the color(s) of your choice. Allow them to dry completely.

painting paper plate for craft


Place a little bit of glue on the top and attach the end point of your yarn. Loop it up and back down into the glue to create a hook for you to hang your dream catcher.

paper dream catcher


Now it time for the dreamcatcher weave patterns – which we will make in a star-like design. This easy diagram here will teach you how to weave a dreamcatcher and you could also print it to help you mark the plate.

After you market the inside of your plate add a bit of glue to secure the yarn. Follow the pattern and use the glue and yarn to create a beautiful star woven shape.

dream catcher weave pattern


To make Beaded Dream Catcher first string beads through the yarn and share those beads through as you weave the yarn into the dream catcher!

Cut long pieces of yarn to hang in the dream catcher. On the bottom of the plate, add a strip of glue and glue the yearn in place.

dream catcher fringe


You can also use ribbon, lace and any other string that you like to create a fun catcher. Decorate the strings with dream catcher feathers as you wish!

Secure with a top layer of glue and glue the second painted plate on top of the first.

beaded dream catcher craft


On the plate you can add more feathers, beads or sequins. The best part of this diy dreamcatcher for kids is how unique each one can be!

Just have fun and made it to suit the room or favorite color of your child!

Sequin dream catcher paper craft for kids.


Where To Hang A Dreamcatcher


The best place to hang your dreamcatcher is in the bedroom, close to where the child sleep.

If youe child has a bed canopy then that would be a perfect place to hang the dream catcher. Alternatively you can hang it on the wall of the room or on the headboard of the bed.

easy dream catcher craft for kids paper plate dream catcher for kids