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10+ Fun Halloween Games For Toddlers

Are you planning a Halloween party or just looking for games to play together with young children? Check out our list of top 10 Fun Halloween Games For Toddlers to play this fall!

We collected the best Halloween party game ideas that are suitable for little hands and legs to enjoy.

Here are 10 Halloween party games for toddlers that the whole family can enjoy during those cooler months at home!

Halloween games for kids



10 Fun Halloween Games For Toddlers


1. Pumpkin Carving Contest


You might think that pumpkin carving contest is not a suitable game for little kids but I am here to convince you otherwise!

If you use household items to carve pumpkins then it may lead to accidents as these are not child friendly tools to carve your pumpkins.

Instead, we suggest you to use these cool child friendly carving tools here, that are designed to help the little hands play and avoid nasty cuts. Adult supervision is still required though!

After everyone had fun carving you can then have a secret ballot voting for the best pumpkin. No voting for your own!

If your kids are a bit older you can upgrade to the next level carving tools for kids which gives them a bit more control or the design and better fine motor learning opportunity.

We have this full tutorial on pumpkin carving ideas for kids, that you can check out now.

jack-o'-lantern craft


2. Pumpkin Bowling


This is one of the coolest Halloween game ideas for toddlers, and very easy to make too.

Set up soda bottles or real bowling pins in your driveway and have a family bowling tournament. Instead of finger holes hold the stem while you throw the pumpkin.

Winner gets extra candy on Halloween!

Halloween games

Our friend at Wunder Mom  crafted this cool pumpkin bowling Halloween party games for kids, you can check the tutorial in her website here.

If you don’t have any time or craft skill you can purchase this set of Halloween Bowling here now that is sure to make your party even more fun!

Get your Fun Express Fall Bowling Kit now here: 


3. Mad Scientist Pretend Play


We know how important it is to introduce STEM activities early on during childhood. So dress up in an old white button down shirt and mix together kitchen ingredients like a mad scientist!

This is also a great way to inspire your students by making turning science into fun and easy Halloween games for preschoolers.

If they’re edible you can do a challenge to see if family members can guess the ingredients.

One of our favorite science based learning activity is making Slimes and Playdoughs! Sensory, Science and Fine Motor activity in one single idea, what can be better?

Just make this messy fun thematic but adding the colors and smells of Fall to your experiment, such as this cool Pumpkin Spice playdough or Witches playdough. Check out our full tutorial here.

You can make a Halloween themed Slime too using any of our easy slime recipes.

Halloween Sensory activities.


4. Bobbing for Apples with a Twist


Even though bobbing for apples is a traditional Fall and Halloween games for kids, gone are the days of multiple people dunking their heads in a bucket of apples trying to grab one with their teeth.

Not only is is hard to get an apple while your face is underwater, but it’s also kind of gross to dunk your head into a bucket of water full of floating apples that have bites in them made by other people.

Instead, hang an apple from a tree branch and swing the apple before a person tries to catch it with their teeth. Young children will have a blast trying to catch the apples.

To make it fair for all participants you can add an extra challenge to older kids or parents by placing blind folds on them so everyone has a chance to win.

If you prefer the old fashioned way of playing Bobbing for apples, we suggest this fun little set here that is washable and reusable.

Get you Bobbing for apples kit here: 


5. Ring Toss with Pumpkins


Using pumpkins for your ring toss activity is an easy way to have fun while using themed Halloween party game ideas.

Set pumpkins a few feet away and toss rings towards them. The goal is to get the ring around the stem of the pumpkin.

And if you want to make an extra sensory activity out of this gross motor play time you can have the kids to paint the pumpkins in different colors that will be aligned with the points awards.

Higher points can be awarded for pumpkins that are further away.

Pumpkin toss halloween game for kids

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6. Spider Web Obstacle Course


Make an obstacle course using toilet paper and masking tape to glue it on the wall. It will look like a giant spider web and is easy to clean up when everyone has had their fun.

The idea is to cross the hallway without touching or breaking the web. You can jump or go under the spider web. Wins who goes faster!


7. Ghost Dart Board Game


Another wonderful eye hand coordination game that every kid will love playing! And don’t you worry. There is no sharp darts in this game.

Just a ghost board and sticky balls that everyone can play! You can get your ghost board here.

Get your Halloween dart board game now from Amazon: 


8. Witch Hat Ring Toss


Another outdoor Halloween themed games that you can set up in no time and have fun with the kids.

If you are feeling inspired you can make your own Witch Hat with construction paper or paint party hats black and purple. Our Halloween Arts and Craft activities for kids will give you many cool ideas for Halloween crafts.

Then set the witch hats on small pumpkins for stability and toss rings at the hats.

If you don’t have time for arts and crafts, you can get these hats ready to play here. that are super easy to set up!

The goal is to get the ring over the point of the hats and have so much fun!

Get your Witch Hat Ring Toss game on Amazon here


9. Spider Toss


Similar to the ring toss game above, this one you can play indoor or outdoor.

Toss plastic spiders into plastic bucks that are set at the opposite end of a table or in the floor. You can label the cups with points and add them up to determine a winner.


10. Wrap a Mummy


This classic party game takes teams of two.

Pair up with a family member and a couple rolls of toilet paper for this silly game. Team members take turns using the toilet paper to wrap each other like a mummy. The team with both members wrapped wins!

You will need a lot of toilet paper though!


11. Halloween Bean Bag Toss Game


This cool toss banner game is perfect for kids and adults and will be a great activity for your indoor and outdoor party.

Easy to hang and you are ready to play. When you are not playing it will double up and a Halloween Decoration.


Get your Bean Bag Halloween Toss Game here: 


12. Making a Maze


Mazes don’t have to be the vertical kind or made in a corn field.

Use bales of hay, sheets, or caution tape to make a maze on the ground. Decorate the maze with your favorite spooky Halloween Home decor items to make it scary and thematic!

Then time each family member as they run through the maze. As incentive to do your best, whoever is the slowest has to clean up the mess when you’re done!


And that is our round up of fun activities and games for Halloweens that toddlers and young kids will enjoy playing.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


Halloween Games for Toddlers Halloween games for children


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