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Summer Paper Weaving Craft for Kids

With the long days just around the corner, it is time to stock the house with supplies and search for ideas to keep kids entertained for the school vacation.

When we are not traveling, we spend a lot of Summer time outdoors and enjoy the beach as much as we can. However, I also plan creative activities and quite days at home to take a breath and save money.

This is when we make new playdough or slime batches and put our hands to work on some arts and crafts project.

Since it is Summer time, nothing would be more fitting than a summery project. I have wanted to try some paper weaving craft ideas with the kids for a long time now. So that is why we are doing paper weaving art projects today.

So read on for supplies and instruction, I hope you enjoy making these with your kids or students. With the same technique you can create other super fun weaving projects for kids.



Summer Paper Weaving Craft for Kids



To make this craft using paper weaving for children you will need the following supplies:



Print out the palm tree and surfboard template. Download it here.

Don’t know how to weave paper? Don’t worry, we will use a technique that is very simple.

Fold a piece of scrapbook paper in half and cut slits into the paper. Leave about an inch all the way around so that you don’t tear it when you weave the paper. Unfold the paper.

Cut 1 inch strips of printed cardstock.

strips for paper weaving


Weave the paper strips in and out of the slits you cut into the folded paper. Alternate each strip as you add them, start one from the top and the next from the bottom. Keep that alternating the strips until you have completed weaving the paper.

woven paper cardboard


Cut the top of the palm tree from the template and glue onto the back of the weaved paper.

paper weaving craft


Allow the glue to dry and cut out the shape. Don’t forget to secure any spots with glue that seem loose.

palm tree paper weaving craft


Trace the trunk of the palm tree onto brown cardstock, cut out and add lines with a black marker.

Trace the surfboard onto colored cardstock and cut out. Cut small strips of paper and glue to the center of the surfboard. Trim off excess paper.

weave craft


Cut a wavy strip of white paper and glue onto blue cardstock.

Add glue to the white strip and cover with sand. Allow the glue to dry completely and then shake off excess sand.

weave craft 2


Cut wavy strips of blue paper and glue over the sandy area all the way down to the bottom of the cardstock.

paper weaving summer craft


Glue the trunk of the palm tree slightly behind the sand.

Cut a yellow circle and glue in the sky.

Glue the top of the palm tree to the trunk and then glue the surfboard onto the picture, putting the bottom of the board slightly behind the sand.

paper weaving craft for kdis


Your picture is finished!

What is your favorite creative craft project for kids?

Let me know in comments below.

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