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Rainbow Cotton Ball Craft

Craft and cotton go so well together. We always have fun using cotton balls in our activities. Today we want to show you how to make this cute rainbow cotton ball craft.

We could come up with lots of cotton painting ideas but Spring is almost here and St. Patrick’s Day too, so a rainbow activity is a good idea! a good tip is that you could do this craft with cotton buds too, just a little smaller. This is simple and easy art and craft with cotton balls that you can do today with your kids.

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Rainbow Cotton Ball Craft


Supplies for your cotton craft work:


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First pour equal amounts of rainbow colored paint onto a paper plate or dish of your choice.

rainbow art projects


Clip a cotton ball with a clothespin. You can use the same clothespin and switch cotton balls or use a clothespin for each color if that is easier for you.

rainbow craft activity


Dab the cotton ball into the paint and then dab the cotton ball onto the canvas making the curved shape of a traditional rainbow, a rainbow shooting across the sky or just have fun with the colors and make your own masterpiece!

rainbow art for kids


Repeat above steps with the other colors.

rainbow craft ideas


Allow paint to dry completely before the next step.

Now cut cloud shapes from white cardstock. Cut as many as you may need.

rainbow crafts for kids using cotton balls


For your corner piece cut the excess paper.

rainbow crafts for kindergarten


Now just glue the cloud shapes onto the canvas.

rainbow crafts for kindergarten

st patrick's day rainbow crafts


And you are ready, your canvas is finished!

rainbow games for kids

easy rainbow craft

rainbow art and craft


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