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Natural Air Freshener For Home

All natural house odor eliminator

Need to eliminate nasty odors in your home but want to avoid the chemicals from commercial products? read this simple guide to make your own green recipe for air freshener.

Everyone wants a fresh smelling house and we often use the help of an air freshener to achieve that. But what is an air freshener in fact?

An air freshener is nothing but a mix that helps your home and rooms smell fresh. 

In general they contain substances that neutralize odor in your house, so to mask or remove unpleasant odors in a space. But they also contain substances that emit fragrance, to counteract the odor too.

However, industrialized whole home air freshener products often use chemicals to eliminator odor that have been documented to cause allergies, asthma and other health issues.

If you are like us and love finding out about natural, healthier and environment friendly options that will not cause your family any harm the you came to the right place!

Because today we will walk you through how to make your own all natural odor eliminator to help you get rid of unpleasant smell in your house.

Nothings smells fresher than natural. And the good news is that this homemade air freshener spray is the simplest and best whole house air freshener recipe I have tried. Seriously it is great to be used in the whole house.

It will help you neutralize odors in the kitchen but it can also act as natural air freshener for bathroom.

If you have pets and worry about dogs and cats urine smell, you can also use this mix as a natural urine odor remover and neutralizer. In this case we also recommend the use of a good pet vacuum machine, this model here is one of the best.

So follow along for the best smelling air freshener and odor eliminator for home.


all natural household air freshner

Natural Air Freshener For Home


For our DIY deodorizer we will use baking soda as the natural odor neutralizer. For the fragrance we will use a mix of essential oils. For this part you can pick the fragrance you love most, more on that below.

To make your DIY odor eliminator you will need the following supplies:


How To Make The Best Air Freshener For Home With Natural Ingredients



It’s quite simple to create this product at home, maybe with items you already have. Feel free to change a 

STEP 1: Start your homemade odor eliminator by adding one 1 tbsp. of baking soda to a small bowl.

Homemade odor remover

STEP 2: Then you can add the fragrance – your essential oils.

Here the sky is the limit. You can add your favorite fragrance or a mix of essential oils. You can also read more in this informative guide about the best essential oils for home.

Some great essential oil mixes to add to your homemade air freshener are the following:

This mix is great combination of essential oils for a longest lasting air freshener for home.

I love to use this mix as a natural fabric freshener, to spray in my living room and kitchen curtains.

Eucalyptus for me is the smell of clean, but using this essential alone results in one of the strongest air freshener for home. Not everyone likes the strong smell.

Mixing with other essential oils will result in a great natural odor absorber. This combination would probably be my pick of essential oils for a cat urine odor removal spray.

A lovely sweet scented mix to add to your homemade room deodorizer.

This mix is a powerful natural odor eliminator, perfect for mix for a homemade dog deodorizer.

You won’t be disappointed with this combination of fresh smelling essential oils. This post has even more ideas for oil blends.

DIY natural frebreze

After you add your essential oil it is time to mix them, use a fork to help in this process.

STEP 3: Add 1 cup distilled water and stir the mix. This will make a lot easier to transfer to the spray bottle.

diy odor neutralizer

STEP 4: Pour the mix into the spray bottle using the funnel.

homemade urine remover

STEP 5: Top up the bottle with another cup of distilled water and shake it to mix your natural air freshener well.

And that is it! So simple but seriously the best room air freshener you can make today!

Do you have some tips and hacks to keep your house smelling good, fresh and odor free? Let me know below in comments.

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