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Unicorn rock painting

Are you looking for unicorn easy painted rocks? These easy rock painting ideas are great for kids to do too!

Painting is a fun art project with great benefits for sensory development and fine motor skills in kids.

Painting stones is such an affordable project, you can these crafts with rocks from the beach for free!

Of course you can use any flat rocks for crafts purposes, search your are for natural resources. But if you don’t live close to a rocky beach or river and are wondering where to get rocks to paint, don’t worry!

You can get our favorite rock painting kit here. It already comes with all the supplies for rock painting you will need!

If you are looking for cool rock painting designs to do with your girls, then this is magical theme that everyone loves!

So enjoy these simple rock painting ideas below and let the creativity flow.



Make your Own Easy Painted Rocks – Unicorn Theme


Where To Buy Rocks To Paint


You will want to buy smooth rocks for painting if you don’t have them as free resource in your area. If you can’t find them in your local gardening store then Amazon is the place to search. There we found these good sized flat rocks for painting.

Flat surface stone are the best ones for this project just because it is easier to add the details and the end result looks neat.


What kind of paint to use on rocks


You can paint rocks for craft projects with a variety of paint. You definitely don’t need to be afraid of painting stones with acrylics if it is that what you have at home.

If the project is for inside you can seriously get away with watercolor, as we have done here for some of the projects below. The good thing about water brush technique is that it is super forgiving. If you make any mistake you can just wash it off and start over.

Acrylic paint works better for outdoor craft projects. It is possibly the best paint for painting rocks but will require varnishing anyway. More about it later in the post.

You can also use pens for drawing on rocks, it might be easier for smaller kids to follow the project with pens than using brushes.


Rock Painting Supplies


To make these cool painted rocks you will need the following supplies:



How To Prepare Rocks For Painting


Before you start painting your stones you need to prepare your rocks for painting. Wash them by hand and leave them to dry completely.

Now it is time to decide on your rock painting patterns. In this craft project we will make 3 different designs; the watercolor rainbow, the unicorn silhouette and the flower headband unicorn.

Depending on the color of your rock and the design that you want to put on it you might have to give your rock a prime coat with a neutral color such as white.


How To Paint Rocks


1. Watercolor Rainbow Rock


watercolor rock painting


Looking for easy rock painting ideas? It doesn’t get any easier than this.

This unicorn rock painting activities is very simple but produces enchanting results. Kids of almost any age can make this project, even young toddlers.

Perfect for fine motor coordination and color sensory development.

Dip the paint brush in water and slowly wake the watercolor but rubbing the brush on the paint, making circular movements.

water color paint rocks


Start on one extremity of the rock and paint stripes of the rainbow colors. Wash the paint before moving to the next color.

The colors will bend beautifully.

Rock painting activity with watercolor


Watercolor dries quickly but is super forgiving. If you don’t like something just wash off the excess and paint again.

Rainbow watercolor rock painting activity for kids


2. Unicorn Silhouette


rock painting activity


Silhouette technique is one of my fave rock art ideas, allowing you to do basically any shape you want.

The draw the unicorn silhouette with pencil would have required a far too advanced skill for my daughter to do by hand at this point. It wouldn’t have been any easier to color the silhouette with so many details.

Instead, I made a computer version of the silhouette and printed in adhesive paper.

Start this rock art painting by downloading and printing your unicorn rock painting template here. Cut the shape and set it aside.



Now paint the surface of the stone with whichever color you want the silhouette to be. Let it dry.

TIP: When choosing the colors consider if the next color paint will be able to cover this first coat.

Once the first coat is dried you can peel and stick your unicorn silhouette on the stone.

Give another coat of paint on the entire surface of the rock. Peel the unicorn shape out of the stone before the second coat dries. With a fine tip black pen draw the unicorn eyelashes.

painting unicorn on a stone


3. Flower headband Unicorn


We couldn’t skip doing this cute design. We so much love the unicorn with flower headband that we even made a bullet journal monthly spread entirely on this theme (check our gorgeous mood tracker here!).

To make this project a child must have a little bit more hand coordination, older kids probably won’t have any problem coloring the little details. But don’t be afraid to challenge he kids though, it is a great fine motor activity requiring precision and coordination.

Start by giving the stone a white coat. Let it dry.

unicorn rock art


Measure roughly where the horn, flowers and eyes will be located. It is fine to mark with pencil before you add color to it.

Now it is time to color the horn with gold paint.

To make the flowers you will want to work with small paint brushes. Every petal is only a dot of paint. First make a circle of 4 – 5 dots and then a dot in the middle.

unicorn flower headband


The leaves are the same, just give a little side stroke when lifting the brush. Let it dry.

unicorn flower crown


With a a black market contour the horn, add the ears and the eyelashes. Your rock is ready!


How To Seal Painted Rocks for Outdoors


If you are painting rocks for garden or anywhere in the outdoors you will have to seal your stone otherwise the elements will ruin your art. The design will fade or desperate completely.

Once I made some plant labels using markers to permanently write on rocks but it didn’t work. They faded badly only a few weeks after I had placed them outdoors.

Sealing is also perfect if you just want to give your project a glossy coat. I made several rocks with my daughter and we sealed a few even for inside – it definitely ads to the end result.


So if you want to keep your project for a little longer you must use some kind of varnish to protect it.

If you have anyt at home, even if intended for other materials such as wood, you could use it on the rocks. Otherwise these  clear sealant sprayswill do the job, just remember to add a few coats for good measure.

Place them on a cardboard and spray evenly. Let it dry completely – your painted rocks craft are ready!


painted rocks


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