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Grand Canyon With Kids

Booking a Grand Canyon family vacation? Read our guide with tips and the best way to see Grand Canyon with kids!

The Grand Canyon is a must see travel destination. From amazing sunrises over the rim of the Canyon to beautiful hikes and wildlife spotting it really should be on your travel bucket list.

It is also one of the best travel destinations with a family.

Family travel is such a fun way to bond together as a family while seeing amazing new sites and learning outside of the classroom.

So read on to find out our favorite Grand Canyon kid activities and lots of great tips for you family trip to Grand Canyon.




Grand Canyon With Kids


Grand Canyon Facts For Kids


If you want to explain how was the Grand Canyon formed for kids, then read our simple explanation below to help  them understand and clarify facts about the Grand Canyon for kids.

The Grand Canyon National park is huge with over 277 miles long and is up to 18 miles wide in some areas.

The deepest parts of the Grand Canyon are over 1 mile deep! It is so large and so deep that you can it from the space.

The Colorado River has helped create the Grand Canyon over 2 billion years along with other forces like wind and rain, which cause the erosion.

The erosion that formed the landscape is a process that took million of years.

When it rains in desert lands like the Grand Canyon, the rainwater filters quickly through the soil towards the river.

The river floods are so strong that sweep everything in its path creating the landscape shape of the Grand Canyon. The erosion process still happens and the landscape continue to change.


Which Grand Canyon Rim Is Best?


The busiest part of The Grand Canyon is the famous South Rim. And it is busy for a reason.

With its easy access, fun activities for kids and variety of look outs the Grand Canyon South Rim is the best way to see Grand Canyon with family.


Grand Canyon South Rim With Kids


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Things To Do In Grand Canyon With Kids


Sunrise at Yavapai Point


When planning a trip to Grand Canyon, especially when the time is limited, can feel a bit overwhelming because it is such a huge area to cover.

These are our favorite Grand Canyon kid friendly things to do, I hope it will help you put together your own Grand Canyon family vacation itinerary.


Sunrise at Yavapai Point


You will need to get up early to get a spot and watch sunrise over the Grand Canyon. It is within easy distance of the Yavapai Lodge accommodation, making it a perfect sunrise spot to take children.

As the sun greets the Earth you will see colors ranging from purples, pinks, mauves and then bright oranges, reds and metallic brown hues.


Sunrise At Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon Village


One of the busiest spots in the Park, The Grand Canyon Village is where you will find local amenities such as Canyon bike hire, groceries, souvenirs and accommodation.


Grand Canyon Visitor Center


There is plenty of information to soak up at the Grand Canyon Visitor Centre.

With outdoor exhibits and friendly staff. This is the best place to start you South Rim adventure with information to help you plan your trip.

It is also the starting point for some of the walks and is a stopping point for the free shuttle buses.


The Trail Of Time

When looking for Grand Canyon hikes with kids we decided to do an easy one. This easy walk starts at the Grand Canyon Visitor Centre.

The hike is about 2.8 miles and finishes at the Geology Museum. Along the way there are lookouts such as Mather Point.

There are also information points along the walk, with facts about the rocks you can see, rock samples and historical notes on the Canyon.

There are also 270-million-year-old fossils the kids can touch for a great hands on learning experience.


Trail of Time, South Rim


The Trail of Time is a great way to help put the age of the Grand Canyon into perspective.

The Million Year Trail at the start of the walk puts a human time scale with information along the way until you hit the Trail of Time which has bronze and silver markers representing millions of years.

Kids love to race to these markers and find out what year they are up to in the Grand Canyons Geological history (and forget all about the long walk).


Trail of Time, Grand Canyon


Yavapai Geology Museum


Yavapai Geology Museum marks the end of the Trail of Time. It is located at Yavapai Point and has an amazing view.

Park Rangers run programs here and there is lots of information showing how the Grand Canyon was formed. A great worldschooling experience.


Hopi House


Hopi House is further from the Yavapai Geology Museum. It was designed by renowned architect Mary E.J Colter and created to resemble a traditional pueblo which is the traditional home of the Hopi Tribe.

There are handcrafted Native American items for sale here which have been created by local artisans.


Animal Spotting


There are so many cool animals to spot in the Grand Canyon National Park. From bats, Elk, Deer, Coyotes, Bighorn Sheep and even Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles.


Desert View Drive


There are two options to enjoy this drive. You can go via the shuttle which is the only way to experience Yaki Point as it is closed to all private vehicles.

Or take your own vehicle and stop at some of the amazing lookouts along the way such as Grandview Point, Moran Point and Lipan Point.

Each lookout has a slightly different view of the Canyon with different standout features to admire.

The Watchtower at Desert View was also designed by Mary E.J Colter.  This area tends to be busy (especially around sunset) and you will find services such as restrooms, a petrol station, Visitor Center, campground and general store.


Desert View Watch Tower, Grand Canyon


Outside Of The Park


Just outside of the park is Tusayan. Here you will find the IMAX Theatre which has a presentation of The Grand Canyon as well as services and restaurants.


How To Get Around The South Rim, Grand Canyon


The shuttle bus is such a fun and easy to get around Grand Canyon National Park.

It is also free and super easy to navigate. It is perfect when your kids little feet get tired. The drivers have a running commentary during your trip, filled with great facts and interesting stories about the area.




Where To Stay At The South Rim


To get the most our of your visit you need to stay within the park.

There are so many options available inside the National Park for families from Camping to Lodges. We chose to stay at Yavapai Lodge.

The lodge is only a short walk from the South Rim and is near local services such as the general store. Near the accommodation lodge is the main lodge which has a restaurant, wifi and a coffee shop.


South Rim, Grand Canyon


Where to Eat At The South Rim


We stayed at Yavapia Lodge which has a restaurant and menu that suits families. They serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner here with kids meals available.

There are other food outlets and restaurants available in the Grand Canyon Village. Another great option is to buy groceries at the Grand Canyon Village and have a delicious picnic gazing over the rim of the Grand Canyon.


Sunset Grand Canyon


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