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Simple Decluttering Hacks for your Home

A well-organized home runs more smoothly than a cluttered one, and we all know that when our home runs smoothly we feel less stressed!

But are you looking around your home with a sense of trepidation because of the endless clutter?

I’m sharing simple decluttering hacks to get you started in making your home a place to enjoy.



How To Declutter Your Home With These Simple Decluttering Hacks

Plan Your Decluttering

One of the best things to do before you begin the task of decluttering your home is to make a plan of action. This way a huge and often overwhelming job can be broken down into actionable tasks. Be sure to work around your routine and be realistic with the goals you set. As you will see in the next step… every little bit of decluttering will add up. So if you have a busy day, just plan to do one small space.

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Start Small

While you may feel that your home needs a complete organizational overhaul, it’s best to start with a small decluttering job.

Literally, one minute tasks will help you get a tidier home. Then you could follow up by organizing your dresser drawers, a small closet, or the junk drawer in your kitchen.

Also make a homemade air freshener and open the windows to get fresh air inside the house.  Learn more on how to make your house smell good in this article here. Small changes will motivate you to make bigger changes.


Solve the First Problem

We all have those moments during our day where clutter at home makes a simple task take longer, or at the very least a bit frustrating.

Pinpoint those things in your daily routine that can be changed with organization and decluttering.

Examples of this might be eliminating clothes that are not worn and coordinating school or work outfits ahead of time.


Get your Family Involved

If you aren’t the only person in your home responsible for keeping order in your home start getting other family members involved in the decluttering process.

Kids can sort through toys and give some to charity, organizing the rest into bins or on shelves. Divide chores up between family members to keep spaces decluttered.



Sometimes we have to get creative to come up with storage ideas for small spaces.

The key for decluttering is knowing how to storage your goods in a way that they are out of the way, yet easy to find when you need it!

Stuffing out of season clothes into a boxes seems like a good solution to get them out of the way, but what happens when you need them again?

You search through the boxes to find one sweater and soon they’ve all been emptied and you’re hurriedly shoving the clothes back in boxes and then you’re off with the one sweater.

Had the boxes been organized and labeled properly, finding the sweater would have been simple. This is true of all stored belongings.

Sort toys, clothes, craft supplies and anything else that is put away for an amount of time buy type into clear plastic bins. Label the bins so you know what is in each bin, and stack them with the labels facing outward.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Here are some storage ideas to help you get your belongings our of the way in an organized manner.

Over the Door Closet Organizer


Small Multi Purpose Desktop Organizer


Storage Bench Ottoman


Storage Cubes Organizer


Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer


Drawer Dividers


Make-up Organizer



My biggest recommendation for keeping a home free of clutter is to simplify your life with less belongings.

Many people tend to hold on to things that they don’t need such as old paperwork, unworn clothing, and even old kitchen appliances. Go through your home room by room and get rid of items you don’t need. You could even make some extra money from home by selling items you no longer use or want.

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Organize the belongings you do keep into proper storage. Scan paperwork into a computer file, and place off-season clothes into clear storage bins or bags.

Decluttering your home doesn’t have to be something that happens right away. Actually, you need to tackle one room at a time and make a conscious decision to get back at it every day! A decluttering challenge could help you keep the momentum going.

Take the time to go through your belongings, evaluate whether you really need them and store them properly. You’ll find that when items have a space of their own, they are more likely to be put away, keeping your home clutter-free.


How to Declutter Your Home



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