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Even though every parent has already mastered the art of spring cleaning to make your home squeaky clean, there’s always another ingenious trick to make your home look and feel fresh for the upcoming sunny days.

Somehow, when you’re always in a rush to make another batch of delicious treats for your little munchkins, and your little furry friend keeps leaving paw prints everywhere, it seems that not a single day can go by without an added spruce-up session.

However, with a few tips and tricks from the pros, you can simplify your cleaning process and still keep your home spotless – as much as that’s humanly possible with raising kids!

That is why today we have a great guest post from Zara Lewis, a regular contributor to The Wellness Insider. She is here to give you the pro cleaning tips on how to make your home smell fresh, from simple tips to advice on best room air freshener.

So let’s see what you can do to take your spring cleaning to the next level!

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How to Make Your House Smell Good


First, Clean Out Your Schedule


Most of us try to fit in as many chores as possible into a day, but when it comes to cleaning your home, we also end up leaving many important tasks for tomorrow.

To prevent this cycle of putting off work, schedule your cleaning session for an entire morning or afternoon, depending on the size of your home and your other duties.

That way, you’ll have enough time to do it all in a single go without constant interruptions!


Need help cleaning out your schedule? Check out these great Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas.


Declutter to De-mess


Cleaning around the chaos will lead to leaving things unfinished or missed entirely, because you cannot see the dirtiest spots from all the clutter.

First put away all the toys, blankets, pillows, dishes, and other items away, and then start your thorough scrub.


How to make your home smell good


Vacuum Before Soaking


You’ll cut your cleaning time in half if you first get rid of all the dust, hair, and dirt by vacuuming your entire home, and then give it a nice finish by mopping and wiping with your cleaning supplies.

A good vacuum cleaner will collect more than just the superficial layers of filth, so make sure you pick a family-friendly option that will give your home a thorough cleanse.


Keep Your Air Fresh


Of course, it’s essential for you to regularly air out your rooms to keep away the smell of food and other odors, but windows alone can do little to help you protect your kids from various spring allergens, pollutants, and airborne irritants. That’s why using a mold air purifier will help you keep your rooms clean year-round, by removing all those pesky irritants and maintaining a fresh feel in your home.


Pro cleaning tips for your home to smell good


Automatize When You Can


A family of many members could always use some help with cleaning, so why not make use of contemporary technology and introduce an automatic robot vacuum to maintain that hard-earned cleanliness?

That will certainly help you shorten your cleaning time and keep those germs at bay, while simultaneously preventing lost food pieces from smelling up the place.


Consult Your Kitchen Cabinet


Some of the simplest cleaning solutions are staring you in the face – vinegar diluted in water makes for an amazing multi-purpose cleanser, and if you add some lemon zest, or fine-smelling herbs such as thyme, you’ll give it an even more refreshing fragrance.

This helps you reduce the usage of chemicals and toxins from store-bought cleaning supplies, plus you can always choose your own natural scent!


Tips for keeping your bathroom smelling good


Embrace The Aqueegee


Another pro tip to shorten your cleaning time and still keep your home polished is to encourage every family member to use a squeegee after each bath.

It can be used to clean mirrors, shower doors, and even the floor, to reduce the level of moist and pick up soapy residue that tends to lurk everywhere.

If you truly use it religiously, then you won’t have to go through scrubbing the bathtub during your weekly once-over of the entire home.


Freshen Up Your Stinky Sink


Lots of food bits and chunks equals a smelly disposer, and nothing can wreck the aroma of your freshly-baked cookies like a stinky sink!

Remember that lemon zest you’ve used to clean practically the entire house? Well, you can use some orange or lemon peel to make their citric acid do all the hard work – put the peel in the disposer, soak it with water for a few seconds, and then let the acid scrub the smell away!

From letting technology do a bit of work, to using your trusted pantry products, you can keep your home as neat and fresh as possible, without wasting too much of your precious time.

Have fun with your new, updated spring cleaning, and encourage your kids to help out with the process!


Tips to keep your home organized and fresh

Do you have some pro spring cleaning tip you would like to share with us? Leave a comment in messages below.