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Paper Butterfly Mask

How to make a butterfly mask (Step by Step)

Need to make a butterfly mask for the kids? Check out this post with easy instructions on how to make a butterfly mask out of paper.

This colorful butterfly eye mask is a perfect activity if you are looking for DIY butterfly craft ideas for kids.

This activity will be a huge hit in your house especially if your kids are into dressing up, costumes and playing pretend.

I was searching for animal masquerade masks ideas for our mask making competition for a long time! But this butterfly masquerade mask has got to be one of the most simple and colorful design out there.

This would make a great party activity! So let’s get butterfly mask making!

Grab your materials ready and enjoy this butterfly paper craft with the kids.


butterfly paper mask tutorial


How to Make Paper Butterfly Mask for Kids


To make this butterfly mask design you need the following supplies.


Butterfly Mask DIY Supplies


These are the materials you need to make a paper butterfly face mask, you probably already have them at home!

Matrials for the butterfly craft for kids


Instructions for the butterfly mask (drawing and crafting)


Here are the step by step instructions for the butterfly face mask:

Download the Butterfly Mask Template here and print out.

Butterfly mask template

Cut the butterfly shape and the eye holes out from the printed template. Don’t cut anything else at this point.

Now to make a mask out of paper template you need to trace the entire butterfly shape onto cardstock and cut it out.

Cut the eye holes too. Set aside.

Butterfly mask cut out shapes

Butterfly shape cut out

Now cut the decorative shapes out of the template. Trace these shapes onto colored cardstock and then cut the shapes out.

Arrange the shapes onto the butterfly and find a color combination and look that you enjoy.

Glue all of the shapes into place on the butterfly.

Add decoration to your butterfly mask

Add lines of glue to the shapes and decorate with glitter. Shake off excess glitter.

Allow the glue/glitter to dry completely.

Add glitter to your butterfly mask

Draw lines across the body of the butterfly. Refer to the photo.

Draw lines on the paper butterfly body

Add glue to the head and coat with glitter. Shake off excess glitter.

Glue the body of the butterfly onto the middle of the butterfly.

Paper Butterfly mask

Cut very thin strips from black cardstock.

Glue behind the head.

For the butterfly mask

Use a hot glue gun or white glue to add a popsicle stick handle to the mask and make it a true paper masquerade mask.

Add stick to the butterfly masquerade mask

You can also add ribbon to either side of the mask and tie the mask into place.

Your butterfly mask is finished and ready to be enjoyed.


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