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4th of July Crafts for Preschoolers

Make this patriotic popsicle stick puzzle with the kids to celebrate Independence Day! Uncle Sam puzzles make perfect 4th of July Crafts for Preschoolers.

When I plan for the 4th of July, I’m usually buying burgers and popsicles, and filling up water balloons to celebrate our country’s independence with an outdoor barbeque, but last year it rained and my plans were ruined.

So this year I am making sure to have an indoor activity for the kids so we wouldn’t be disappointed and bored to tears if we got rained out. This cute little Uncle Same Popsicle Stick Puzzle is quick to make and keeps the preschoolers entertained while exercising their fine motor skills.

You can make any kind of puzzle using this method. You could draw an American Flag, a star, firework etc. but I decided to go with Uncle Sam!

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4th of july crafts


4th of July Crafts for Preschoolers


To make this fourth of July craft you you need the following supplies


Follow the instructions to make this uncle Sam Popsicle Stick Puzzle:

1. Align your jumbo popsicle sticks and tape the them together.

uncle sam puzzle


2. With a pencil draw the Uncle Sam onto the popsicle sticks using light strokes. This is not an exact science, you are free to draw it however you like.

If you feel that you can’t draw it on the popsicle sticks there is an alternative solution. Print this picture with the hand drawn uncle Sam. Color it as you like and cut the shape from the paper. Glue the shape onto the sticks. Using a craft knife cute the paper to make the sticks loose.

3. With a black pen trace the entire shape and details on the sticks. Wait till the ink is dry.

Carefully erase the pencil that you can see but don;t worry too much as most of it will be covered by the colored pens next.

draw shape on sticks

4. With a liquid tipp-ex or any white pen/paint you might have at home, start painting the starts in the hat, half of the stripes and uncle Sam’s hair and beard. Wait until it is dried to start the next color.

4th july craft


5. With the red pen color the rest of the stripes o the hat. Then with the blue pen color the rest of the hat.

patriotic craft


6. Adorn the shape as you may like now, make it your own. I further drew the eyes and mouth.

patriotic puzzle


8. Pull the tape off and your Patriotic puzzle is ready for play!

4th july puzzle

A few more ideas for your patriotic activities and puzzles for 4th of July would be the US flag and fireworks puzzle. Both very easy to make using the same technique as above.

Young kids will love playing them and older kids will love making these puzzles.

independence day puzzle


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