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Tasty Kid-Friendly Keto Snack Recipes

Looking for family-friendly keto recipes and snack ideas? Look no further. We have a list for the best snack keto recipes for kids that you can make at home today!

Tasty Kid-Friendly Keto Snack Recipes. Leto Sweet Snack Recipes- Keto Savoury Snack Recipes - Gluten Free Snacks - Paleo Snacks

Ever started a keto diet and wondered how you would be able to feed the family with the same food?

We had this exact same problem!

Keto diet can feel quite strict to your family. You can’t always replace meals with some good low carb keto recipe. Either because your family doesn’t like the ingredients or because they will miss the carbs. A Keto diet for kids can seem rather restrictive, but it can actually be really fun and tasty. You just have to get creative! 

That is why we went out to find some family-friendly keto recipe ideas that you can make and the kids will approve. And now we have a list of kids keto snacks for you.

If you are looking for tasty low-calorie keto snacks that the whole family will love too, you’re going to love these amazing kid-friendly keto diet snacks. This Keto snack list will help you be prepared when the kids turn hungry! 

If you’re looking for family friendly keto meals, read this! 



Family Friendly Ketogenic Snacks for Kids and Adults


What is a Keto Diet?


The keto diet is a Low Carb High-Fat diet ( LCHF ), that puts your body into Ketosis. It’s a great way to lose baby weight fast, have more energy as a mom and feel amazing.

We have a list of the best keto snacks (sweet and savory recipes) to satisfy cravings with healthy and nutritious food. So read on to find mouth-watering keto fat bombs, gluten-free bread, sugar-free snacks, quick keto snacks and lots more.

Just starting your Keto journey? Head here to find a comprehensive explanation of Keto and how you can get healthy and lean. 


Keto Sweet Snacks


Some kid friendly keto recipes that will always be a big hit are sweets. You don’t need to struggle with sweet treats on your Ketogenic diet. And neither do the kids! There are some good keto snacks and recipes out there. We have listed our favorite keto snacks for kids and adults.


Keto Chocolate Fat Bomb

Inspired by the Brazilian Chocolate Truffles (Brigadeiros), these tasty fat bombs will have the whole family satisfied. Super easy to make and a real treat, they are maybe one of the best known sweet snack on keto. 

dark chocolate fat bomb recipe

Get our Chocolate Fat Bomb recipe here.

Sugar-free Keto Peanut Butter Cups

These low carb peanut butter cups are super easy keto snacks to make and only have 5 ingredients. The perfect sugar free snack recipes for kids. This recipe includes Stevia which is a great ingredient than will make your keto snacks sweet without adding sugar! Good snacks for Keto diet will never contain processed sugar. 

ketogenic snack foods - Sweet keto snack recipe- Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups

Have you got all five ingredients for these delicious Sugar-free Keto Peanut Butter Cups at home right now? Find out on Wholesome Yum.


Sugar-Free Snow Cone

Our delicious Snow cone recipe without sugar is one of our most popular keto kid recipes. It is so simple to make and a fun keto party food or perfect for a keto summer snack. It’s one of our favorite low carb snacks for kids! 


homemade sugar free snow cone syrup recipe

Find this easy keto snowcone recipe here.


Keto Kid Snacks Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs

These high fat keto snacks are a tasty way to fill those cravings and these strawberry cheesecake fat bombs are a taste sensation. One of our favorite keto diet snacks sweet.

keto snacks sweet Gluten free bread - Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs

Click over to Brea Getting Fit for this Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Fatbomb Recipe.

Love this heart mold?


Thin Mints with Almond Meal Tasty Keto Snacks

If you are looking for the perfect Thin Mint Cookie recipe, this is it. This gluten-free snack is also Paleo and Keto, and we guarantee the kids will love them too. It’s one of our favorite keto snack foods in February when those girl scout cookies start taunting you! 

keto diet sweet snacks - low carb thin mint cookies

Find out just how delicious these keto thin mint cookies are over at A Modern Homestead.

Here’s The Almond Flour we love to use for this recipe:


Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies

Looking for a chewy, amazing low-carb chocolate snack? These Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies are sugar-free and gluten-free while still being full of chocolately yum!

keto easy snacks - Low Carb Chocolate Cookies

Discover this low carb sweet snacks over at Savory Tooth.


Low Carb Snacks Keto Chocolate Cheesecake Bites

At less than 1g net carbs per bite, these tasty Low Carb Chocolate Cheesecake Bites are the ideal sweet snacks for a keto diet. Have this recipe on hand when you have a sugar craving.

keto foods snacks - Low Carb Chocolate Cheesecake bites

Find out how you can make this easy keto snack on My Life Cookbook.


Want to know more about keto for kids? Try reading this article for more info. 


Savoury Ketogenic Diet Snacks


Find out our favorite keto savory snacks below. They also make great ideas for low carb lunches for kids.


The Best Guacamole Recipe

So easy and so tasty. You can use this delicious recipe to dip fresh veggies, make your eggs go from blah to wow and much more. It’s one of the best keto fat snacks if your kids are craving Mexican food! Some of the best snacks for Keto diet are things you may have eaten before you started. 

Easy Guacamole Recipe

Find Meraki Mother’s super easy and tasty guacamole recipe here.


Baked Keto Kid Friendly Cheddar Parmesan Crisps

Want crunchy, easy to make keto friendly snacks? Try these cheddar cheese crisp and parmesan cheese crisp recipes. Can’t decide on which cheese you prefer? We suggest trying both.

low carb snacks keto- Parmesan Cheese Crisp - Cheddar Cheese Crisp

Visit Wholesome Yum for the delicious low carb, gluten-free, keto cheese snacks.


Hot Ham and Cheese Roll-Up’s Kid Friendly Keto Snacks

These low carb ham and cheese roll-ups have a dijon mustard glaze and are keto friendly and gluten free. These little beauties make excellent keto snacks on the go for those busy nights at soccer practice! 

Meraki Mother Tasty Kid-Friendly Keto Snack Recipes - Savoury keto snack recipe- Gluten free bread - Hot ham and cheese roll up

Peace, Love and Low Carb show you how to make these mouth-watering Keto Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups.

Looking for more Keto recipes?Find the best keto cookbooks here. 

Bacon Wrapped Pickles

Looking for a super easy and tasty keto snack recipe? These bacon wrapped pickles are perfect.

Meraki Mother Tasty Kid-Friendly Keto Snack Recipes - Savoury keto snack recipe- Bacon Wrapped Pickles

Find out how to make these Bacon Wrapped Pickles over at Dancing Through The Rain.


 Easy Pizza Zucchini Tots

Miss that pizza taste? These low carb, gluten free, grain free easy pizza zucchini tots have that yummy pepperoni pizza taste without the carbs.

Meraki Mother Tasty Kid-Friendly Keto Snack Recipes - Savoury keto snack recipe- Pizza Zucchini Tots

Beauty and The Food show you how to make these gluten-free Pizza Zucchini Tots here.


Spicy Deviled Eggs

Creamy Deviled Eggs are the perfect Keto snack ideas. We love the kick in these spicy deviled eggs and it is simple to create a milder version for younger children.

Meraki Mother Tasty Kid-Friendly Keto Snack Recipes - Savoury keto snack recipe- Spicy Devilled Eggs

Try these tasty Spicy Deviled Eggs over at Pinch and Swirl.

Click here to find some delicious family-friendly keto meals.

Low Carb Meatballs

These tasty sausage and cheese meatballs make the perfect keto snack. Eat them as is or dip into your favorite keto sauce.  They would also make a great keto snack and finger food party dish.

Meraki Mother Tasty Kid-Friendly Keto Snack Recipes - Savoury keto snack recipe- low carb meatballs

Head to Moore or Less Cooking for this low carb meatball recipe.


Be sure to Pin this for later when you need a healthy and delicious Keto Snack Recipe.


Keto diet snack ideas. A list with tasty Kid-Friendly Keto Snack Recipes. Keto Sweet Snack Recipes- Keto Savoury Snack Recipes - Gluten Free Snacks - Paleo Snacks

Keto Snacks on the Go






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