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Homemade Rose and Frankincense Sugar Scrub

Need a gift for the lady who has everything?

This homemade Sugar Scrub is so simple to make, smells divine and makes a perfect homemade mason jar gift.

This DIY project has a touch of luxury with luscious Rose and Frankincense essential oils and makes a wonderful homemade gift for any occasion. These oils not only smell amazing but they have brilliant anti-aging properties too which makes this the perfect gift for Mothers Day or a teachers appreciation gift.

Follow our easy steps on how to make this homemade body scrub here.



Homemade Rose and Frankincense Sugar Scrub



Rose and Frankincense Sugar Scrub


Benefits of Rose and Frankincense Scrub


This sugar scrub is ideal for anyone who likes to care for their skin. There is a long-standing practice of using frankincense oil to reduce the appearance of age spots.

There are many benefits of Frankincense oil including its anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. It has been noted in dermatology that it also helps to heal minor blemishes and moisturize skin. Some people even use frankincense oil for skin lightening. Others use Frankincense oil for acne treatment.

But if you are wondering how to use frankincense oil on face,  we also have you covered. It is safe to use frankincense oil for face sugar scrub.



How To Make Sugar Scrub



Step One


Mix some of the sugar and all of the oil in a bowl.
For the best homemade body scrub, we used fine white sugar as it is gentle on all skin types and can be dyed.
Step Two



Easy Home made Sugar scrub Meraki Mother

Add in the Rose and Frankincense essential oils while stirring the mixture. For our sugar scrub recipe, we found about 10 drops but this will vary, depending on the quality of oil you use and the type of oil.

For example, you may only need a few drops of the stronger scented Frankincense but more for the Rose oil.


If you wish to color your sugar scrub add the food coloring at this point.


To add a little extra moisturizing care to your sugar scrub, pop in the oil from a Vitamin E capsule at this step too. We also added some dried Rose Petals for an added treat.



Step Three


Add the rest of your sugar until it is the consistency you want.


Sugar Scrub Recipes Homemade Body Scrub


Step Four



Put your sugar scrub into a container. We love to put ours in mason jars to give as gifts but if it’s for yourself even a Tupperware container will do.


Homemade Rose and Frankincense Sugar Scrub









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