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Unicorn Crafts For Kids

We are pretty crazy about unicorns here, as you can see here and here. But who isn’t?

It is time we add a fun unicorn craft that you can enjoy making with the kids at home or at school.

This unicorn inspired art and craft project is easy enough that kindergarten and preschoolers will be able to follow along. However it is still cool enough that older kids, tweens and teens may enjoy making too.

Unicorn craft ideas seem to please most people! So here I give you the unicorn toilet paper tube craft!

The supplies used are so simple that you might already have at home.

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Unicorn toilet tube craft


Unicorn Crafts For Kids



For this unicorn arts and crafts project you will need the following supplies:


Unicorn craft for preschooler



For your unicorn art projects cut strips of paper long enough and wide enough to cover your toilet paper tubes.

craft paper


Wrap the paper around the toilet paper tube and secure the ends with glue. Cut any excess paper you may have from the top and bottom part of the tube.

craft tube


With your 4 fingers together wrap the unicorn rainbow yarn around your palm and fingers until you have a thick ring of colored yarn.

Carefully pull the yarn off your hand and tie the ring up with another small piece of yarn around the middle of the ring.

Once it is secured cut the circle of yarn on the opposite side of the tied up portion.

You will have yarn of equal length on each side of the tied portion.

Tie the yarn again, with another piece of yearn, on one side to secure and then cut the yarn into 2 pieces. One will be shorter than the other. See the picture below.

unicorn tail


The shorter yearn will become the unicorn hair and the longer yearn, the unicorn tail.

Glue the smaller chunk of yarn inside the top of the toilet paper tube, leaving some of it hang out and over the toilet paper tube.

unicorn hair


Glue the larger chunk of yard on the middle of the toilet paper tube in the back to make the unicorn’s tail.

unicorn tail


Trim up the unicorn’s hair however you’d like.

Cut a horn from gold glitter foam and glue on top of the yarn hair.

unicorn horn


Cut ears from cardstock, pinch and the secure with a bit of glue.

unicorn ears


Glue the ears on top of the yarn hair. Dig the bottom of the ears into the hair so you don’t see any icky parts.

unicorn craft for kids


Use your black marker to draw eyes onto the toilet paper tubes. You don’t need an unicorn craft template for that, just draw any kind of eyes that you like!

Dip your finger into pink paint and give your unicorn some rosy cheeks.

unicorn crafts for kids

Your toilet paper tube unicorn crafts for preschoolers is finished and ready to play!!

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What is your favorite Unicorn for Kids Craft?

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 unicorn crafts for kindergarten




Paper tube crafts for kids


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